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Over 1 year ago some asked what the download option was for within mydrive and this was the response.

"Hi antient,

Thanks for bringing this up!

It seems that you're referring to my comment. MyDrive has indeed always had the possibility of backing up and restoring your My Places, home and work location. I might have been slow to realise this and/or the initial question was about a more robust backup function.

Thanks for sharing your observations about the "Download your MyDrive data" function! However, it doesn't really help you backing up your data as you cannot restore them from that format. This function is there for the sake of transparency regarding the your information MyDrive stores on our servers.

There'll be some further improvements to MyDrive in this regard starting with the possibility to save routes. As always I'll be announcing them here when they become available so stay tuned

Cheers, Mikko"

It's been over a year since the above reply was posted and as such I'd like to know when you'll have a solution to the issue of downloading and saving my favourites as a usable file in any of the following formats;


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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    Hi Ticitybo

    Welcome to the Community:)

    Unfortunately, the feature to export routes and favourites using MyDrive in the file format you mentioned is not available. However, using MyDrive you can plan and export routes in GPX file format.

    We collect and store "MyDrive data" on our severs so we can make it available for your TomTom devices and apps when needed, you will find more information about it here.

    With regards to your query about exporting favourites in the file format you mentioned above, I will log it as a feedback to be passed on to our technicians.

    Thank you and regards
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    any update of this subject?