Samsung Galaxy S3 compatibility problem - cannot reinstall on my phone that previously worked

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I can no longer load the Android app on any of my Samsung S3 phones. They used to work just fine, but if I have to do a factory reset for any reason, when I go to reinstall the app it says that it is not compatible with the device.

(1) I like this app and
(2) I have paid up-front for several years of navigation & traffic
(3) It was working previously on the particular phone concerned

- so I am very disappointed that my phone has supposedly become "incompatible" despite it not changing.

Models affected:

Samsung S3 i9300
Samsung S3 Neo i9301
Samsung S3 LTE i9305

All are running Android 4.4.2 or later. All have worked previously with the App.

I have not dared to factory reset my old beat-up Samsung S3 Mini for fear that the functionality may be gone for good

HELP!!!!!!, please.


  • Zsolt
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    Try to sideload it. You can download the .apk and then install it. Also could send a mail to TT CS to find out why it became incompatible.
  • shschampion
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    Good idea. I created an APK using on my other phone. Transferred it to the "incompatible" phone (an identical i9301) and installed it okay.

    Thanks for the pointer... I suppose there may be APKs somewhere online, but this feels safer!