Go50 and voice command issues

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I had a via130 which was great but went faulty and replaced it with a go50. I used to be able to say "drive to the nearest hospital" or "drive to the nearest school" and it would list the nearest points of interest and I would scroll through the answers until I found the one I needed.

Is this possible witht the go50 as it doesn't seem to recognise the command when I say it.



  • crisscross
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    Thanks for the reply but I am still not sure if the go50 can do what my old via did perfectly - I would say find the nearest school and it would list them in distance order and I would choose from that list. Now my go50 doesn't recognise the command at all
  • Glenn336
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    I have the same question for my device. That's the only thing I miss with my upgrade
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Glenn336

    I am in the UK and if I

    Tap Menu
    Tap Search Or Drive to ( this depends on what search method you have selected)
    Type Hospital

    You now get 2 columns. The Left column having place names or roads with Hospital in name .
    The right hand column has 2 visible the first says Hospital with an H next to it and the second says Veterinary Hospital with a Paw next to it . These are guides to the types of hospitals listed below them.

    If you Tap the Blue keyboard icon Bottom Right the Keyboard disappears and you can now scroll down the hospital list with the icon next to say what type. They are listed in order of distance from where you are if the unit has locked onto the sats and knows your current position.

    The same applies for other things you might search for such asPharmacy , Schools or Museums etc.