Mount system disassembled issue

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Hi there,

For some reason by the time I gave it a closer look (on day 1) the Bandit mount system is loose/disassembled. Best is to see the picture, but basically, the cylinder parts with the torx don't fit firmly into the other part's holes.

I have tried to force it to fit but I wasn't able. The closest I come to a firm mounting is when I clip it onto a mount, where at some point the cylinder seem to fit into the holes, but after some movement it will partially release.

This causes me several problems:
*Attaching it to a munt is a pain.
*It's not firmly held and could fall of (I didn't risk it).
*The metal ring causes pressure on the waterproof lens, after a few seconds in the pool water gets in. If I remove the metal parts it perfectly waterproof.

Has anyone else had this issue? I couldn't find any thread. Is this deffective or could I fix it? I don't have a torx screw driver by hand. But anyhow, maybe I should return it, as fiddling around could void my warranty?

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    Get in touch with TT CS. Maybe you can get it fixed under warranty (if there is any yet AND it falls under normal wear-and-tear).