1.3.255, still no connection with the latest Jaybrid headphones

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I guess the beats crowd got their specific update now let's get the update for the jaybird headphones.

I hear the headphones say connected but the watch keeps spinning acting as if nothing connected. Same behavior as before the 255 update.

Both the new Freedom and X3 suffer the same fate.


  • Bertin Hansen
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    I have exactly the same problem with my TomTom Runner 2 Music and the jaybird X3. I have sent an support email to TomTom. Let's hope they fix the problem as soon as possible.
  • MattGreenhough
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    Same here! what does it take to get some help around here!? This has been going on for months!
  • Jmg84
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    hi, I could sync my freedom to my tomtom spark 3. it worked after i turned off all my electronic devices like smart tv, phones, router, etc. I hope it help all jaybird freedom user.