Car head unit compatibility issue

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I brought Chinese head unit for my car running android OS but i can't download tomtom go from the market because of being not comfortable. I found in the internet forums that this is because my device is with long serial number and that is causing problems somehow. I can't change my serial number and I don't want to root my player only to try.
I wonder if I have paid to tomtom to use the software (I'm using it on my samsung galaxy 7) is there any way around to install the software in my car? Unfortunately i cant find a way to speek with customer support online and the last time i tried to call them i stayed 15 min on the line before to give up.


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    It is not about paying or not paying. If they consider it not compatible, usually they have good reasons behind. However plenty of ways to obtain the .apk file from the Play Store and then can sideload it to the head unit. If it works, then could buy it via your phone and enter the same details on the head unit. But don't splash money out, until you make sure it works.
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    I did sideload it but loading of the installed tomtom stack on connecting to the Internet failed when the device is connected to internet. After research I found that this has something about my device serial number and there is no compatibility issue. Why is that and is it deliberately done?
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    But I'm looking for solution to solve that problem without changing my ROM or rooting my device (i couldn't change my serial number by following other people instructions...
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    Have you tried other GPS app to see if they will work?
    There are many out there that are free.
    Plus there is an app called Car Launcher Pro.
    They have a trial version too.

    Here is info about it.

    Maybe this will help till Tom Tom finds or is willing to add Chinese head unit to their app.

    You have to remember the have stand alone units as well as this app.
    I do not think they would shot themselves in the foot and add car GPS to this app.
    That would kinda kill their stand alone GPS unit sales.
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    If you are able to install Google Maps on your unit you will have better maps and more thrustworty driving instructions than TT.
    The disadvantages are not as good user interface, and it will download more from internet while driving.