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1st and foremost, TomTom do NOT have an actual email address that customers can contact them by. See this link below which will take you to a product specific form.

But they do have a form system that pre-screens a possible email that is then forwarded to their customer support system. see this form for a Start 20 :(

This form system, checks which department the support ticket should be raised with, from the screening process front end.
This front end is normally 90% accurate in determining who should be contacted within TomTom.
It should be noted that a reply to the sender may take up to 2 working days to be replied to, so if the matter is urgent it is better to try and phone them during the next working period, remembering that Mondays will have all the weekends build up.


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    Bought this TomTom[/b] last fall. Updated it once. Now I see it says maps out of date or expired. It has Lifetime Maps and yes I read the details about who's lifetime, mine or the unit. This is so new I still have the box. No email support to ask questions like moving my favourites from the TomTom MyDrive web app over to the GPS. No email support to ask why the link to Canada come up in French only. No email support to ask about the Lifetime Map warning on the app even though it seemed to update. No email support to explain why the support web site doesn't list the GPS as VIA 1525TM but needs another link to explain that it is listed as a 52!!! Should have stuck with Garmin!

    So I have to rely on TomTom wading through this form to reply or I need to do the sifting of info myself. Not good.
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    Give support a call on Monday to sort your account out

    Canada (en)
    +1 877-757-7137
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST
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    which sat navs will work with blue and Me
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    Why don’t companies have email addresses I think it’s ridiculous in this day and age if I want a specific query answered I don’t want to have a email chat with someone in India, I’ve been trying to renew my Tom Tom live and it wouldn’t connect to PayPal plus I’d like to know why last year why it was £27.95 for 1year and this £69.95 for 1.5 years bit of a jump, why can’t I just have live traffic and speed cameras, I don’t need the weather I know that by looking out the window and what is all the point of it telling me that the route doesn’t conform to my vehicle profile and don’t tell me why it’s a truck sat nav that’s the main reason I bought it so I don’t end up down a road that my truck can’t get through?
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    Direct Email & Chat Links by Country....
    Click on required Countries Email or Chat Link....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    How can I return my tomtom trucker 620? I have original receipt and packaging. Ive only had it 5 months and it suddenly stopped working. I checked the charger and thats not it. It was working fine at one point in the day and then the next it wouldn't turn on. This product has been a HUGE disappointment in several ways since I bought it and now it put the icing on the cake. Its ridiculous this thing is marketed towards truckers. Complete junk. It gives the most absurd routes that make zero sense to take. It basically only wants to put you on interstates and major hwys. There are tons of other roads in the USA that are trucker friendly and even labeled as truck routes (State roads, county roads and city roads). I have to reference Google maps to find the best route and ALWAYS beat the time and drive less miles than the tomtom suggests. One time it had me driving 200 extra miles than what i needed to. So ridiculous. Thats just one example. It happens nearly everyday!! It has features that are completely useless to truckers too. Its called the "Trucker620" but yet gives distances to regular gas stations instead of actual truck stops. No semi uses gasoline and theyre too big to pull into regular gas stations anyways. It only shows truck stops on the screen as youre approaching the exit needed to access it. By the time you see it on the screen, its too late...youve gone past it or youve already seen the physical road signs that notify you of the truck stop, which makes the notification on the tomtom useless. It should give distances to those truck stops. It also shows all the electronic vehicle charging stations in the country. (Another useless feature for truckers). Why do truckers need to know where cars charge? We dont. It should instead show rest areas and weigh stations. The interface is slow; the routes load SUPER SLOW; its very common to display incorrect speed limits; it often tries to reroute you through residential neighborhoods if you dont take the original route it suggests; it shows road closures where there are none (i keep the maps updated too); the voice command comes on daily without me prompting it. I could go on and on. And of course now it just doesn't even work at all and its less than 6 months old. Its just a terrible product for truckers. I will never waste my money on tomtom products again. It seems its nearly impossible to contact support. No phone or email support. The chat support always says its busy. Probably because theyre overwhelmed with complaints and so they made it hard to contact them anymore. I have little faith I'll see a refund or exchange of any kind. I can be contacted at [email protected]
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    Hi @Broyer

    This is a customer based Forum. You need to contact customer support. During the current crisis there is no phone contact with many working from home.

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    Quite agree that it's very difficult and frustrating not to have an email address for the support team especially when a particular problem doesn't seem to be covered by the various articles and community posts.
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    I ordered and paid for a memory card two weeks ago and have not received it yet. Finding it Impossible to contact customer support. No email, no phone, no live chat.
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    Verify that your account address is complete.

    Since Covid 19 there is no longer a telephone line to contact customer service.

    How to contact TomTom customer support by chat or email

    How to contact TomTom customer support by email
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    Hi Willy. I still have been unable to contact anyone. I can sign in on my account to buy something, but when I try to sign in on support it says this page is not working. I did get through to live chat on one occasion, but my status said connecting and not connected. Someone was trying to talk to me, but when I typed my message there was no way of sending it. January 31st I ordered my memory card, does not look like I will get it even although they have my £15. So frustrating. Going to try and contact head offices in Holland, not very hopeful thou.
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