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Yes, I KNOW that this is not supported by TomTom, only by Renault. But can someone PLEASE explain the reasoning behind that?

Is it that the system is not just satnav, but also multimedia?

As a non multimedia user, I am suffering the consequences of this so-called support. Maybe the music, email, etc performance is great, I wouldn't know, because I don't use anything other than the satnav and the (unstable) hands free phone bluetooth connection. My new van came complete with an old map on 1st August 2013, with a latest map guarantee for 90 days, which eventually took 6 months of tribulations too long and convoluted via Renault support to relate here, resolved by the dealership actually purchasing the latest map for me as opposed to me getting it under the LMG. I spent many months trying to get Renault support to resolve several problems with the satnav and HD Traffic system, some were resolved, but I gave up in the end.

I then bought new maps at every opportunity, until I got map v955 in November 2015. Since then, no new maps have been made available on the Renault website. Their support people say that their maps are not the same as TomTom maps and the map version numbers are not the same, so my complaints about up to date maps are unjustified. Yet TomTom's publicity is forever telling us (for my four other different PNDs) that maps change all the time and updates are therefore essential to keep me on the right track. So who's kidding whom? The nav system is TomTom, complete with HD Traffic and every time I've bought maps and Live Services it has been under the TomTom banner.

What I can't really understand is how TomTom can continue with Renault whilst this situation persists - it certainly is no advert for TomTom products.


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    Some car manufacturers buy only map data (even the final format can be different) from map providers, in order to be able to max out their profit and/or have more control over their offering. For example those brands with DVD updates, where you pay around GBP 100-150, update available only once a year and even that one is ways outdated by then. It is always down to contractual matters. I suppose Renault pays a great deal of Euros to TT, which is a fix income for TT, compared to the possible purchases being made via TT directly. Also more convenient for TT, as it takes out the responsibility of the support. From a business point of view, I could understand this sort of approach. Whilst you are right that it is not a good advert maybe for TT, but they can always use the "not my fault/not my product" card. Most probably they are just one of the suppliers of Renault, to a sub-system of the head unit. But it is my point of view only and doubt we will ever see any contractual details (or comments) from either parties.
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    Hi Carminat,

    and on top, Renault sell a Map-Update-Service for One Year (Europe) for 119,-€. With "up to" four Updates per year. I ask the renault-support, when they plan the next Map-Update and how much updates they will offer in a year. Answer to both Questions: "Sorry, we don't know if or when or how much Updates we offer".
    Thats Business :(


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    Here's an update. Over the last week I have been in contact with R-Link Support. Two months ago I spotted UKROI map v975 available on R-Link Store for £40. Unfortunately I didn't have time that morning to buy and download it (the website works at a speed of about steam minus 93%!!), so I came homne that night and went to get it, but it had disappeared. So I got onto R-Link Support to ask what the heck? and they told me there had been issues with the map so it had been taken down.

    This week I asked how they were getting on with the issues. Over the course of a few emails, they told me that whereas I complained no maps since v955 in November 2015, there had in fact been maps released since then, namely.....

    QUOTE "There have been several map updates for the R-Link since 2015 which include: v950, v951, v955, v960, v965 and v975 which was released on 9th January 2017" UNQUOTE

    So I looked again at R-Link store and found the "Europe 45 Countries Map" shows as v975. However, all the other 20 maps available there are v955, including France, the home of the Renault!! When I told him so, his only comment was that UKROI was being tested. I expressed dissatisfaction and asked for the Europe 45 Countries Map at a discounted price of UKROI, but he said I'd have to contact Renault Customer Services for that.

    I think the list above of map versions released since 2015 will be the 45 countries Europe one and may be the answer to your question about how often they release them, but there seems to be no indication whatsoever of any Map Update Service in the R-Link Store - a poor consequence of handing them over to Renault instead of continuing with TomTom map sales - my Carminat using TT Home did offer that.

    It all goes to confirm my opinion that the arrangements between TomTom and Renault for this R-Link system are greatly lacking in successful implementation and certainly reflect badly on TomTom's business plan.