Bandit action cam - sleep mode/stops recording after few minutes

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I purchased the TomTom Bandit as a Xmas present for myself. I want to be able to use it when I am on my motorbike.
Today is the first day I tried to use it & already experiencing issues!

I purchased a brand new Samsung Evo 64GB SD card as suggested by TomTom.
The fault is it will not record for more than 2 - 5 mins per video (mostly 1 - 2 mins video if i'm lucky!)
to try fix:
I have formatted the memory card via the camera. (numerous times)
I have formatted the memory card via PC (unticked quick format & took about 2 hours to format as suggested on another forum thread)
I have updated the latest software on the camera.
It records for a few mins & then either goes into sleep mode midway thru or flashes up SD card & turns off recording.
It is intermittent & inconsistent with both of these error messages.
I have read through the Tomtom discussions & I see other people having the same issue as me - is it a known fault? is there a fix?
I notice a theme with tomtom advisors putting all the blame on memory cards when I have purchased the recommended/compatible product - Samsung EVO 64 GB ??
Can anyone please advise as I am about to return this annoying faulty product to Argos for a full refund & spend my money on a GoPro at this rate!

Many Thanks


  • VikramK
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    Hi DawnoftheDreads

    Welcome to the community and sorry to hear about the recording issues with your Bandit Action camera.

    It could be a fault with the memory card we have seen issue getting resolved after changing the card, but I think customer service can help you best. I have sent them a heads up about it so your case will be dealt on a priority.

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    i have the same problem and i have inserted many memory cards with the same result and gone into settings and reset the card and still it sleeps after a few minutes HELP