Israel map for GO Mobile App

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I see that Israel map is availbale now:

But I can't find how to get it for my TomTom GO Mobile / Android - I don't see it in the list of availble maps. Which map should I select and download to get the Israel navigation?


  • tgold
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    You will only be able to install a map of any particular region if and when TomTom chooses to offer it for download within the app.
  • basilevs
    basilevs Registered Users Posts: 2
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    That means - Israel map is not available for TomTom GO Mobile users and there is no roadmap available for it. I see, still need to use some other navigation software while being in Israel.
  • Zsolt
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    Sometimes it is a matter of legal issues. Like in India, China and other countries. Most probably they would love to get some money out of it, but what is behind the curtains, we don't know.
  • Nessip
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    Bought the app 2 years ago.... and been functioning ok... but I need the map for Israel but I can’t find it....
  • lampard
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    Hi @Nessip

    Welcome to the Community! We don't have the map of Israel for Mobile Apps as it is only available for the PND devices.

    Regards, lampard