.mp4 files corrupted on the Bandit camera

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My Bandit stopped itself while recording several times and all the .mp4 files resulting of this stops cannot be opened. I see their size, they exist! The rest of the files of this day are perfect, both the ones I recorded before the incident and after. Any hints to save this movies? It was a nice downhill I dont want to miss!! Thanks!


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    Hi jmmontero,

    Welcome to the Community & sorry about the delay in response!

    This can be caused by slow write speeds to the microSD card and is a result of using a lower class of card. Make sure you use at least a Class 10 microSD card.It also could be a result of heavy use. If this is the case check our list of supported microSD cards: Which memory card can I use with TomTom Bandit?

    Also upon checking your camera software, found that it's outdated v1.48.56. We've released VERSION 1.61.508 after that and I would advise you to update the camera software using the steps in public FAQ here: Updating your Bandit Software

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    Thanks for your help! I'll update the software and will change my SD card for one in the list. If it isn't solved I will continue the thread. (I'm sure it'll work!)
    Best regards!