TomTom Golfer 2 watch not registering swings!

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I've tried my Golfer 2 watch now for 4 rounds, not once has it registered a shot to any one of my swings. I am a left handed golfer and the first 3 rounds I wore the watch on my left wrist, or trailing arm. After reading this forum I understand I should wear it on the leading arm, or right wrist. I tried this today and still nothing, not one single shot or swing registered automatically. It has buzzed a few times but not when it should, like when cleaning a club, taking a club from the bag, etc.
I'm really disappointed and thinking to return it to the shop for a refund. Am I missing anything? Is their anything I need to do to let it know I am left handed? Help please, John


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    Hi Vickerstaffj,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Sorry to hear about your experience with the Golfer 2 watch. I can see that your watch has the software version 1.2.91 installed on it.

    We've released a new version 1.2.93 after that, I would advise you to connect your watch to the computer and update it using the MySports connect. Once you update the watch, give it a test run and let us know how it goes!

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    Hi Lampard,
    I updated to the latest software this morning and tried the device again this afternoon.
    Still no improvement what so ever.
    Do you have any more suggestions before I take it back to John Lewis where I bought it from?

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    Hi Vickerstaffj,
    I bought my Clock last spring 2016 and also I have these problem and the problem is that the techniques can't handle left players.
    I have Contact them in July last year and nothing have happen. You can solve the problem like this way. Have the clock on left hand and turn it around 180 degrees the problem is that it’s not so easy to read the watch. It’s working for me you got a registering every time and that is because the watch things you play from the right side.

    Hello again, Leif,
    The reference number for this issue is 1606xx-xxxxxx.
    Our engineers have tuned in now and thank you for the information. The problem with the automatic type registration is being investigated now, but for the moment there is no solution to move forward with this. Hopefully they will be able to deliver a solution soon, and in this case I would suspect that it will come out in the form of one or more updates for the clock.
    I'm sorry that it got messy here with the new time and apologize for any concern this may have caused!

    This is my cass at TOMTOM Suport.
    Referensnummer: 1606xx-xxxxxx

    Jonatan E. (SE), 2016-09-26 04:43 PM
    Hello again, Leif, "Translatet from google"
    The reference number for this issue is 1606xx-xxxxxx.
    Thank you again tested there - we regret that it is still not resolved! I continue to keep your case open and contact our technicians directly again!


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