Device thinks that I am on a different route

CivvyCivvy Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
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Riding out of London on the A3 and it thinks I'm riding through all the streets beside the A3. This eventually ends with a splash screen with a question mark.


  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 35,969 [Superusers]
    Is it not using the phone's GPS by any chance? It is possible that incorrect location data is received. Just guessing.
  • CivvyCivvy Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I 'guess' so... but have used my phones google maps daily for a living. So I know that shouldn't be a problem
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 35,969 [Superusers]
    It is worth sending them a mail with some more details and they could check it (route, phone, sw version, etc.).
  • aarfeldtaarfeldt Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    It should use the GPS module in the VIO device.
    I have GPS deactivated on the phone, and it works well.
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 35,969 [Superusers]
    Definitely worth then to send them a mail with the details, so they can look into.
  • aarfeldtaarfeldt Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    Make sure battery level is good, and the device has good view to the sky.
    Sounds like the GPS accuracy is low, because you'r device can only see a few satellites.
    If there are tall buildings, it can also be a problem.
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