Smart Route Planner is anything but, it's actually a terrible app

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Despite my best attempts, this piece of software continues to frustrate and anger me everytime I use it. The TomTom itself in use is great I find and seems to work very well, but this so called 'smart' route planner is a terrible piece of kit. Not only can't it find even the most obvious point of interest - try putting in Stanstead Airport with a post code, once you have added your start and finish points and clicked done, you are never quite sure if it is going to offer you a route or not. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't, no logic.
The cryptic use of a pencil symbol to the right of the leave now text, is far from intuitive when it comes to changing the start or arrive time.
What's the point in giving me the option to go via somewhere, if you don't give me an easy way to pause my journey? Who diverts off route for the sake of it, without stopping?
I've had to start my journey go via a location, continue on to my destination and then add time mentally to the arrival time shown, to allow for the stop I need to make, so that I know what time to actually leave! Fine for route planning maybe, but useless for journey planning.


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    Seems like they have a typo in Stanstead (and you did the same). If you put "Stansted", it finds the airport, no problem (but on the map shows as Stanstead). Also they replaced the old route planner with it, hence your last sentence might be very well valid. Also some time ago they said that there will be more improvements to come. Send them this very feedback via e-mail and they can forward it to the relevant department.

    Edit: Just for reference, the name of the airport officially: