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US version Rider 400 discrepancy

312hooligan312hooligan Posts: 83 [Master Explorer]
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When I bought my Rider 400 initially, making calls via Rider was not an available feature out of the box. According to the release notes, it was available with 15.204. But when I upgraded to a version higher than that, it still wasn't available. I didn't pursue it much, because I realize that using my Rider to be the central hub that connects to both my BT comm device and smartphone means I can't stream music, so I reconfigured my connectivity so that my BT comm device is the central hub that connects to my phone on channel 1 and my Rider on channel 2.

Now that I am a happy new owner of the 410 from Europe, I noticed that right after upgrading to 16.201, the menu has a new button I have never seen before in the 400 from US: "Phone". My US version 400 also has 16.201, but it does not have the "Phone" functionality. I also performed a device Reset, and that feature still doesn't come up.

Is the Phone feature disabled for US versions of the Rider 400? Thanks.


  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi 312hooligan,

    Hands free calling is indeed not supported on the US model. You can see the supported features here.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • 312hooligan312hooligan Posts: 83 [Master Explorer]
    Interesting. When the 400 was first marketed in the US, the handsfree call feature was listed in the en_US website. Now I see the page has been updated to exclude it.
  • 312hooligan312hooligan Posts: 83 [Master Explorer]
    May I make a suggestion? On the release notes page on the US site, please update the information so that the Phone calling functionality is explicitly stated to be unavailable on the US versions of the device.
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