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Hello TomTom team, users,

I bought TomTom Runner 2 watches few weeks ago. I decided to upgrade from TomTom Runner to get the ability to use watches also for swimming and cycling activities.

I red a lot regarding the inaccuracy of swimming activity logging which seems to be solved by the software upgrade. I did one swimming workout and only experienced the difference in one length (swam 2km = 40 lengths of 50m pool size, getting 41 length). It was most likely caused by stop swimming due to the collision during that length.

How ever, honestly, I expected more from the statistics in MySports app:
- # of strokes per length
- # of strokes per lap or split
- not only the average values

Form me, all the above listed metrics are "must have".

Where are the limitations of having that?
- activity settings?
- watches software?

I would expect that when it is able to determine finished length than it could log the # of strokes, the time, etc. per currently finished length.

What about the ability to to distinguish between swim styles? Is it feasible with the hardware the watches has? This would be "nice to have".

Thanks in advance for comments, advice.



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    Forget TomTom sport watches if you want swim styles. Competition's models can...
    If you'd like too have more data about your sessions go to, great website, it even allows you to correct your sessions.
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    Hi eldborg,

    Welcome to the Community & sorry for my late reply!

    The watch detects the swimming distances based on your arm movements. Making a strong push in the beginning of a lap also helps. For more, please see this FAQ.

    I'll forward your feedback regarding the statistics on MySports & swim styles to the product team for review.

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    many thanks for the link. It looks really great.

    I used to swim as a teenager and now got back as additional training to my running activities. I would like to improve my swim skills - technique, endurance, speed, etc. It seems that I should focus on stroke rate and stroke length, not only of course. There the TomTom Runner 2 could help. It appears to me that I have a lack of knowledge of how to use swim activity tracker to get the maximum data for analysis using suggested website. So, now comes the question about how to set the swim activity tracking?

    SPLITS mode
    what is it good for?

    Pausing activity tracking
    When doing freestyle I am able to swim 100m-200m, then need to rest. I usually pause the activity which seems to be logged and seen in the Swimming Watch tools viewer (not in MySports app). Is it the expected way of using it?

    LAPS training mode
    As written above, I am now focusing on improving my technique, endurance and then speed. It seems logical to me to analyse each 50 or 100m - strokes per minute, stroke length, etc. Would you use this option to do so.

    Or would you recommend something different?

    Thanks in advance.

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    eldborg : I fear most limitation regarding your requests are simply that there are not enough users using the watch for swimming and since the features you talk about are not supported, the watch is not very popular among swimmers! I fear tomtom really focuses on the fitness and running side for most improvements (bigger demographics) and swimming will come after :(

    as you have noticed, some software can extract these info from files exported by Mysports, so if you want to keep this watch for swimming and really need that info, simply export your files to said software... but most of the time that will be a tedious manual process. I personally tried a bunch, the best I found is alas, it's subscription based. I eventually settled with Rubitrack, which is less advanced but a one time fee and automatizes imports from the watch (but mac only)

    ... I know it's difficult to find a watch that's good for cycling AND swimming at a reasonable price... I personally decided to stick to Tomtom watches because they perform pretty well in most situations, but I also got a cycling computer and a more advanced swim watch for more advanced features when I need them (not a fan of omnipotent bulky devices like ambits/fenixs)... in retrospect, I have to admit that in my case the TT watch *could* have been enough ;)
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    Is this issue resolved or are any plan about it?, I´m also quite dissapointed. The app shows less stast than the watch, no # of strokes per lap or split, no SWOLF... etc.

    Is there any other app with easy connection that shows more data?

    Thanks in advance.