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I received an email today from TomTom, explaining that my XL satnav device is no longer supported. TomTom have offered me

TomTom Via 52
$183.20 Buy Now

What kind of offer is that?? I Google'd that device, and can buy it on J&B Hi Fi website for $165.60!

I was going to email TomTom to complain, but can't even do that as my device type is no longer recognised on the customer support site. Which is the only reason I registered on the forum, to post my disdain. Thanks for the bargain offer!!


  • lazyboytony
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    Thanks for letting me know what their wonderful offer is! I too received a similar email but i haven't gone to get my serial number yet to find out how much the replacement device is.

    It looks like their replacement offer sucks since buying retail is cheaper. If they were selling at 50% RRP then it would be a good deal as it would be roughly the wholesale price.
  • navcar1
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    Yeah, this replacement offer is very disappointing.

    I found that you can also get it cheaper outright from The Good Guys eBay store.

    Well, my TomTom ONE XL has done well for all these years and travels :)
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    Sorry - I was being dumb. Bing Lee sells the VIA 52 for $229.00, so TomTom is actually offering a $45.80 discount.

    I had been comparing the price to the START 52, which is a cheaper model.

    Of course, now if the replacement offer had been for the GO model, it would have been much more appealing.
  • MegaBite
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    Received the same offer. Filled out the form to buy the Go620. Clicked send. Everything went away with the statement "Thank You For Your Interest". Looks like it may be Garmin time.
  • rogdodge
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    I just received my 'offer'. The GO520 was €6.28 more than I would pay locally. Although the GO5200 was €16.14 less than I would pay elsewhere, it did not appear to be a particularly special offer. :-)
  • jatco
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    With 3 more updates to go, ( recently bought a new subscription in late Oct), .. I would've expected a better better deal on the 620, ..! (..if that is a good replacement..?).
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    Also just received this amazing offer!! :rage:

    Seriously TomTom...you send me a email saying my perfectly working device is now end of life as of Jan 2018!!??

    You should be giving your customers 50% off!
  • MaxW54
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    I, too, have received this offer for a “Go Exclusive”in the UK at a price of £389. All singing and dancing BUT buried in the small print is the fact that you need a mobile phone with a data plan as the TT doesn’t have a built in SIM card!!! What!!! £389 and it’s not self contained! Be in no doubt, I’ll not be upgrading to a device that does less than my current older standalone model.