Carminat Renault sport Megane

Simon Owen
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I have just purchased a new (to me, 2015 car) Renaultsport Megane with Tom Tom Carminat.

I am finding it impossible for Tom Tom home to recognise the sd card when plugged in to the pc, I have tried 2x PC's, both windows but neither works ?

The instructions to delete certain files does not help as I cannot see the files on my pc ?

This used to work really easily in our previous car but not this one ...

Help please ? ? ? ?


  • Carminat
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    I think you'll find it is NOT Carminat, but R-Link which has proprietary software.
  • Troubadix12
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    You need a MyRenault-Account (via Renault-Website) and the RLink-Toolbox.