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Hi, I'm doing an upcoming trip to Canada, I have the maps downloaded onto my device, and I have created a route that I would like to do, using MyDrive, it shows up under the "my Routes" on the Tom Tom, though I was wondering if that route is saved to my device or its its just in my account.

Due to me taking my Australian Tom Tom, to Canada, I believe that my "live Services" will not work and I was wondering if I will not be able to see this route to select it when I get there?

I know this question has sort of been asked before, though I just cant seem to see a answer

thankyou for your help


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    If it shows on 'My Routes' on the device, it should be functional when you actually need it. That said, the actual roads taken may not match those you used in MyDrive since the route is really a way to get to a destination.

    Here's a guide for that model:

    see page 34.

    Confirm how the My Routes works with support:

    1300 135 604
    Monday-Friday:9:00 am to 5:30 pm AEST

    Live Services will not work in Canada but should have no consequences for routing (though current traffic will not play into a better route).
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    The TomTom devices (and the MyDrive software) don't use "Routes" in the same way that e.g. some Garmin devices/software do. You cannot easily specify a particular route to follow, unless you are prepared to individually plot dozens (or evenhundreds) of waypoints or "stops" along every road that you want to travel - even then I suspect you would run up against some built-in limits on the number of such waypoints. The whole idea of the TomTom is that you specify your destination and the device calculates the route for you.