MyDrive App for Windows

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The G0 6200 (which I've bought ) is advertised that it read your smart messages, however this is not true for windows phones because of the need for an app. the advert should point this fact out (£ 335.00 is a lot of money for something which does not deliver on its promise, I'm thinking about talking to the advertising standard agency about it


  • thatniceman
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    I agree with ChorltonPete Tom Tom should say that it does not work with a windows phone in its advertising, the old 520 worked with my windows phone, so was happy to upgrade very disappointed.
  • MikkoK
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    Hi all,

    The MyDrive app is indeed currently only available only for Android and iOS devices. Please note, that the app is required only for the phone message features. All other Bluetooth® features work without the app as well. For more information, please see

    Cheers, Mikko