Golfer watch does not sync with iPhone (iOS 10)

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Just purchased a TomTom Golf watch but it will not sync to the Sports App on my IPhone IOS 10


  • Jürgen
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    Tim64 wrote:
    Just purchased a TomTom Golf watch but it will not sync to the Sports App on my IPhone IOS 10
    Hi Tim,

    Your Golfer watch is not using the latest software. Please connect your watch to MySports Connect on your computer and accept the update.

  • Angie Lee
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    hi. my TomTom Golfer is up to date and my phone is iOS10.3.3 but unable to pair. after keying in the given pin number on the watch to the phone, the phone reading shows "unable to pair".

    i've followed all the steps and did this several times and not working.


    thanks, Angie
  • jeroenb
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    I have the same problems. I have version 1.0.25 and IOS 11.1 The iPhone can be paired on bluetooth level but app software does not recognise the watch anymore. Pairing as new does not work the pin code is not recognized.

    Some help is appreciated,

  • lampard
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    Hi Jeroen,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Can you please try removing the Golfer watch from the existing BT pairings, on your iPhone? See below:

    -Open Settings> go to Bluetooth> Tap on the “i” icon against watch name>Tap on the “Forget This Device” button
    -Then try the pairing with the app again, going to Watch status > Pair new.

    Let us know how it goes!

    Cheers, lampard
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    My TomTom Spark + Music says it has software 1.7.64. I found this on your website:
    [h3]"Version 1.7.64[/h3]Released on 6 March 2018 This update applies to: Runner 2 Cardio GPS Watch, Runner 2 Cardio Music GPS Watch, Runner 2 Music GPS Watch, Spark Cardio GPS Fitness Watch, Spark Cardio Music GPS Fitness Watch, Spark Music GPS Fitness Watch
    • We’ve resolved an issue that, in a few cases, could prevent the watch from pairing with a phone."
    I seem to be having issues with syncing. Information on watch and app is different.
    Watch says 5,999 steps while app said only 317.
    Possible the issue has not been resolved.