TomTom Carminat Locks Up in a Loop

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I recently purchased a new map and speed camera update for my Carminat TomTom that is fitted in my 2011 Renault Megane Coupe. The map was 1SAA. France v9.80 and the speed camera update was 1SDN.002.01 Speed Cameras – Europe – 1 year. I backed up the SD card before downloading. These appeared to load on to the SD card fine and when inserted back in the device in the car all was working fine.
The next day, I removed the SD card and via TomTom Home I first of all backed up the SD card and then saw that it was saying that I needed an update to the device software, so I loaded this on to the SD card along with the Map Corrections and the GPS Update. When I inserted the SD card back in to the device in the car it locked up in a cycle of: hourglass – loading bar – blank – greeny-yellow background with hourglass – black screen – hourglass etc. etc.
I switched off and removed the SD card, via TomTom Home I selected recover backup and waited while it had loaded on to the SD card and re-inserted in to the device, but the result was the same.
Without the card it eventually comes out of the cycle and I am left with the blue background screen with “no maps” stated if the system is switched on. If the system is switched off I get the grey background with the time and outside temperature displayed.
When loaded on the TomTom Home programme the SD card shows maps and POIs, voices etc. as all being normal and taking up about half of the memory, no errors are detected by the computer.
Any idea what I can do to resolve this please?


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    Hi Davebradcon,

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    This is mostly due to the corrupt data on SD card after an update.On Carminat devices, the usual suspect is the map setting file which is in the loopdir folder on an SD card. Please see the FAQ here for the instruction to remove the folder: FAQ - REBOOTING/FREEZING DEVICE

    Hope it helps!

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    Hi lampard,
    This answer is not acceptable. The support of Carminat Live by TomTom Home is obviously buggy: this issue, unusable trip planning, no plug-in to support device management ...
    TomTom must commit to fixing its product ASAP.