Calls come up over TomTom app when on Bluetooth

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So, I'm driving along using the TomTom app on my android phone and a call comes in that I can answer on my BT system in the car. Trouble is the phone app takes over the navigation app and I can't see where I'm going anymore without having to press back on the phone.

Can you put an option into the app to keep it visible when a call comes in and BT is enabled?


  • MikkoK
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    Hi Steve,

    Welcome to the Community and thanks for your feedback!

    I'll log this to be reported for the product team.

    Please, post back here if you have more suggestions or questions :D

    Cheers, Mikko
  • g123
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    Would be nice to know if anything has been done about this...?

    I don't see why the TomTom app won't even run if it doesn't have phone and contacts permissions... and then not do anything with those!
  • John RF
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    Using TomTom on a multi-purpose device like a mobile phone has its inconveniences. One being this one. I'm afraid TomTom isn't able to do anything about it as it's something controlled by Android.

    Workaround: buy a standalone TomTom Go device. The screen is bigger and it allows you to leave your mobile phone free for other uses.