Go Mobile app vs. new TomTom GO 5200 device?

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I've been a loyal customer and advocate of TomTom GPS devices for many years. However, my XL Live device is now many years old and, with TomTom announcing end-of-life for some of the older devices (although not the XL Live just yet), I'm starting to think about an upgrade. The big question I can't get my head round is the new Go Mobile app and how it is positioned versus TomTom's latest devices. So the app costs £14.99 per year and offers traffic, speed cameras, 3D map updates and the same user interface as the newer devices such as the 5200. Sure, there may still be some functionality missing from the app but TomTom appears to be making regular updates and I'm sure it won't be long before the two are identical. But the 5200 costs around £300. I would really prefer to have a standalone GPS device, but at £300 versus £14.99 for the app each year, I'm really struggling to understand TomTom's proposition for their standalone devices. Are they trying to kill off their device business and migrate customers onto the app? Would appreciate people's thoughts as well as maybe a comment from TomTom (please Mikko?).


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    The HW of the new devices has a 2x faster CPU, 16GB internal storage, built-in SIM for roaming data (in case of the x200 series), twice the RAM. That all cost more (and comes with warranty). Your phone has a considerably better spec, but was also costing more (most probably), most likely you don't have roaming inclusive. So it is really just a matter of how one wants to use it (and where). Also possibly they can't sell the app for more, as other GPS apps are between the free to similar price range. Their PNDs are also similarly priced as their main competitor's.

    Also mind you, when your phone provider releases a new ROM and the app doesn't work for some considerable time, that can be an issue too (if it happens), whilst the PNDs are running the same software, so much easier to maintain (now not saying there are no hiccups...).
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    Hi Andy,

    I'm happy to hear you're considering upgrading and staying with us :D

    As all our latest navigation devices and apps are based on the same NavKit software, there aren't big differences in features. However, GO Mobile for iPhone is still somewhat behind in features. You can check what the team is currently working on here. But in general, I'd say the question is more which better fits your use, a mobile app or a dedicated device.

    Pricing is of course one point to consider but you could also give some thought to how and where you're going to use it. One major benefit of a connected device such as GO 5200 is that you don't need to worry about any internet usage or roaming costs within Europe for using TomTom Services (Traffic and Speed Cameras). With GO Mobile you'd need roaming when going outside your country. Maps, however, are not so much of an issue as the GO 5200 comes with Lifetime World maps and all the maps are also available for GO Mobile and updates for them are free.

    If you're not going abroad often a GO 520 might also suit you. It connects to TomTom Services with a smartphone and is a bit cheaper that the GO 5200 with in-built SIM card.

    These are my first thoughts. I hope other users drop in here to share their views :D

    And don't forget to get in touch with Customer Service for a loyalty discount (for devices only) once you've made up your mind! :D

    Cheers, Mikko
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    MikkoK wrote:
    I hope other users drop in here to share their views :D
    If you can get hold of the old TomTom app for iPhone then you will have a decent SatNav app.

    Unfortunately, the iPhone version of the TomTom Go Mobile app is less developed (i.e. has much less functionality) than the Android version.

    If you can't get the old TomTom app then your best bet is go to a competitor of TomTom as there's not much news on the GO Mobile project. It's almost as if TomTom has cancelled the Go Mobile app.
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