Bought a Via ? Needs an update

I just bought a working Tom Tom Via something at a flea market,
the seller claimed it can be updated & I believed him as I have
heard Tom Tom have a good name... The USB cable is fine, it charges
fine, it connects with that same cable & its not frayed and the same
cable works fine on other devices :-)

But, when connecting with "InstallMyDriveConnect" at first it
was ok & made some minor firmware update but, didnt update
maps as far as I could tell. So tried it and sure enough maps were
a bit out re Perth Airport lead in roads - np, I thought reconnect,
so did that and got this error:-


USB is fine, XP is fine, Tom Tom is fine but, I still can't tell the model
number ??? The "About my Device" page shows at the top:-
"Tom Tom Via"
and lower down shows
"Device BHxxxxxxxxxxx (0) (27.2)"
then the next line
"GPS 2.18.903 127792 , Boot 534808, Backup 579481"
then next line - after the usual compliance (no model info)
"Map: 'Australia' v915.5073, Release date: 7/2013"

I've asked this Q before of support but nada, so:-
1. What model do I have ?
2. How do I get around the connect error ?
3. Is there somewhere else I can get maps if 2 fails ?

Edit: Typo


  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,551 Superuser

    Your device is "'BH'>Via 180, 4GB + micro-SDHC, MyDrive Connect"

    Normally after the "Device BH......."
    there is a line "App 12.071......."

    If your device does have this then maybe the error message is due to the incompatibility between and the App version and the map version which is rather old

    Get the new map from here
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