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Hi everyone, I'm interested in purchasing a TomTom PND but, as of right now, I don't own one.

I'm living in Taiwan at the moment and need something to get me around and into the mountains without having to write down directions on a Sticky Note. I don't own a SmartPhone as I have little need for one - hence my desire to buy a GPS.

However, I absolutely have to have a local Taiwan map that is in English as I can't read this confounded language.
Is this possible?

If so, would I need to purchase a specific model or would all models support the map?




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    Just for fun, downloaded the Taiwan map on my Android device (with the TT app) and it shows the street names in English. But to be sure, you could go to any of the shops and check one of the demo models to make sure.
  • YamahuhYamahuh Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Think I'll just buy a cheapish 'smartphone' or feature phone and buy a data plan - use it as a GPS. That way I can definitely get the maps in English.
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