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Today I found the internet based version of MyDrive and decided to use it to plan a route. I experienced a few problems using the site. First problem I found was changing the route it supplied between addresses. It was sending my on marked hunting roads when there were paved county roads available, so I wanted to changed the route using something like "via this route" but only found "add stop" problem here is it takes more than an hour to add enough "stops" to make the page redirect me properly. I think there should be a way to redirect the routing using a "via" type command not just adding "stops". I was very frustrated having to keep moving the "stops" before they would stay put & having to learn not to add a "stop" in the middle of other "stops" or else the site would loop back to that new "stop" from last known "stop". The second problem I experienced was not being able to find that hour long route on my Android phone using the MyDrive app. So after spending an hour planning a 30 minute drive, I can't use that route on my Android! I love my TomTom GPS unit (XXL), it has been accurate most every time I use it with the exception of this route, so I thought I would use my phone's app but now I'm back to hoping I remember a route I hardly ever drive because my GPS app is no help either. Any ideas? Maybe a fix on the web site & it's connection to the Android app? My first GPS experience was with a Delorme laptop based program/device more than 10 years ago & it allowed "via" rerouting so I don't understand why TomTom can't 10+ years later. Any suggestions, help or updates to the site & app would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for rambling but I'm trying to get all info out to help others avoid my experiences.


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    Hi Gadgets3,

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    Thanks for your feedback! I've logged it to be reported to the product team.

    Is your Android app the GO Mobile. The old Navigation app for Android doesn't support MyDrive but GO Mobile does. You just need to log into the same MyDrive account on the app in the TomTom Services menu.

    For more information and troubleshooting tips for MyDrive, please see this FAQ.

    Cheers, Mikko