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Camper and Caravan maps for built in Uconnect 5" Radio Nav

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Hi Folks, Just wondering if any one else is thinking the same?
I have recently purchased a new motorhome with a built in Uconnect 5" Radio Nav, and noticed that TomTom sell a product called Camper and caravan but after contacting TomTom about this I was informed its not compatible for this system! A sat Nav fitted to a motorhome that cannot use Camper and carvan I find a little odd.


  • Ovalball03Ovalball03 Posts: 299 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    No quick answer on this one?☹️I have just ordered a new Motorhome with this system fitted.Can you tell me if it will accept third party points of interest AND bitmaps?
  • Ovalball03Ovalball03 Posts: 299 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Mmm,lack of a response usually means the answer is not what I was hoping for
  • matchap801matchap801 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi. I also have a camper van with the 5 inch tom-tom sat nav, have owned it for @ 20 months. When I first received it, the map was out of date and I couldn't get the free update despite hassling tom-tom and Fiat. it seems to be an issue with the chassis section not being registered properly by Fiat and the coach builder. After around 12 months of owning it, i tried the free update and it worked - downloaded the map and updated the device. I have tried again recently, there is an update, but would cost me £60 as a one off, I cannot seem to subscribe for a year????
    So, i still use my tom-tom go 50, linked to my phone for traffic data, it has free map updates for life and was £85 new. We also use a trusty atlas to plan the route as we don't trust the tom-tom to not send us down a small lane.
    Overall, the radio is ok, the built in satnav is ok - it came as a no cost upgrade. I have heard of lots of issues with lorry / caravan devices so will always use the tom-tom alongside an atlas.
    I hope this helps. Regards
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