Offline Speed Cameras - Go Mobile

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Support for offline Speed Cameras needs to be added.
Speed Camera data should be stored on the Mobile Phone so that when there is no data you are safe and are alerted for speed cameras


  • MikkoK
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    Hi Preetkk,

    Welcome to the Community :D

    Thanks for your feedback! I'll log this to be reported to the product team. Meanwhile, you can see what they're currently working on here.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • Peter747
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    This is very important and still hasn’t been implemented since requested in 2016. I just paid for 12 months subscription and installed TomTom Go on my 9” Android Vehicle head unit. It works great and exactly what I was looking for however when I disconnect my head unit from my phones mobile hot spot no speed cameras are displayed. This is very disappointing as you promote this program as working off line. Speed camera detection is an important aspect of this navigation software and should also work off line. If I want to identity live speed cameras then I can choose to connect to The internet. But what about the thousands of fixed cameras that don’t move and should be visible off line. Please escalate this request as a priority.