Getting started with Rider 400

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I am new to the 400 but thanks to help offered on the forum and the manual I am getting to grips with it. But I have a query.

1. It would seem that a lot of effort has gone into my places software to record points on a journey but while there is an option to rename it by pressing on the automatic name/description entry in my places (not the edit option, this only lets you delete the point, which seems to contradict the very name "edit") you have to manually record the GPS ref on a piece of paper from another screen area and then add it to the title in my places by pressing on the name entry in my places that then activates the key board. Why can it not be an option for recording the entry in my places by grid ref automatically?. I find this very useful for post processing, particularly for photos.

2. Why do you need to show three difference ways of recording a latitude/longitude grid point on such a small screen. I never found it a problem on the rider 2 in having only one offering. I have found that the DMS ref will bring you onto the correct spot in google earth which is useful. If you feel that the other entry format are required why not make it a switchable option in the settings menu and free up the screen so that the grid ref printing can be a larger font because currently it is smaller that the rider 2 font and that was hard enough to read in anything other than optimum light conditions. I speak from years of experience on this issue.

Any comments or advice would be helpful