Renault Carminat not working correctly since TomTom HOME update.

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Has anyone managed to resolve their issues with Speed cameras not functioning correctly. Since the latest Home update my cameras dont function correctly. I have formatted the card and reinstalled but they tell me its a known issue and someone is working on resolving it. That was at the beginning of September and even now i am being told they are still working on it, over 2 months now and still no fix which i find ridiculous. The application is missing which processes the POI files so they dont function properly. You get 1 day where camera warnings work then 1 day they dont.


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    Hi Grandscenic2014

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    I had a look at your account and I don't see an active subscription for LIVE Services for your device. TomTom HOME will offer updates for speed cameras once you have subscribed to LIVE Services, LIVE services subscription also includes LIVE Traffic updates.

    Adding third party content like voices, POI's, car symbols is indeed a known issue which is going on for a while. This issue is under investigation with our technical team. Once this gets resolved you will be able to add third party content.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    I've had the same issue with Premium Speed Camera (Australia) updates not working for a couple of months now. I purchased a speed camera subscription awhile ago (a year? two?) and speed camera updates had been working fine until now.

    I've tried removing them from the device, adding back in and then trying to update, as well as turning my anti virus (Kaspersky) off, but I always get the same error messages (see screenshots).

    Any assistance appreciated!
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    I went through this with someone from the support desk. My system used to connect to live services even after my subscription expired, but said no active subscription. If I turn on Live services and do a status check it says cannot connect please try later. This means it cannot see the server! There is a TomTom application missing from my SD card since the last update, and I was told this was needed to process the Speed camera POI's correctly. This has been on going for over 3 months now which lets be honest in now getting ridiculous.