TomTom Bandit Remote Update

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Hello there,

I've had a TomTom Bandit for a few months now, great buy and love the functionality. Using it on a motorcycle the remote really comes in handy to start and stop recording and highlight footage. Recently I lost the cradle for the remote (fortunately the remote was not in the cradle). TomTom support were extremely helpful and sent me a new remote so that I could replace the cradle.

This made me wonder however, should we not be able to buy the cradle on its own without having to replace an entire remote? Maybe offer a more 'mechanical' style of cradle for handlebars instead of a velcro strap? Just a thought :D

Also maybe TomTom can develop a more advanced remote that will allow the user to cycle between camera modes? Even power the camera on and off? As a biker this would be a valuable addition to the features and would definitely be a safer means of utilising the camera on the road (also a bit more competition on GoPro ;))

Not wanting to criticise, just wanted to put forward some suggestions :D


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    I leave my Bandit Remote on my handlebars 24/7. I had mine stolen outside a supemarket, the remote. Dunno why. I do now remove the remote at shops and garages but otherwise it is left on the bike. I think an option to buy a cradle, along with 360 mounts, not arms would be ideal