Floating Protection Cover Covers The Control Buttons

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I have just got my cover and was a little surprised that it effectively stops you from selecting any video modes while fitted.

Also on page 24 of the manual it says
7. Control button to move up, down, left or right to other screens on the TomTom Bandit display:
 Move up or down to select items in a menu.
 Move right to select an item and open the menu for that item.
 Move left to exit a menu.
 To select an option in a menu, make sure it is highlighted when you leave the menu. Your TomTom Bandit remembers the option you highlighted.
 If an option in a menu switches on and off, move right to change the setting. Note: The control button is disabled when you use the TomTom Bandit deep underwater.

What is exactly do they mean by deep underwater? When do they stop working?

Many thanks.