Image Stabilization on Bandit

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Really happy with the camera but feel that image stabilization would have been a really great addition? Would it be possible to add this to a future update?


  • XennoNL
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    Yes please! +1
  • Chris
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    Image Stabilisation is a something that is best done in post, to get image stabilisation in camera you need to do it mechanically and that's something we can't add with a software update. There are many desktop editing suites that are able to do image stabilisation and You Tube also has an inbuilt image stabilisation feature.
  • alloffroadau
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    new GoPro 5 has image stabilisation...
  • the-civvie
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    new GoPro 5 has image stabilisation...

    It is built into the device, which as Chris pointed out, is not built into the Bandit. Maybe the next generation hopefully. I must play with stabilization in iMovie
  • Joost.B
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    Maby a good addition for TomTom Studio :cool: