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The new GO Wi-Fi® devices have 3 (2 for the GO x200 series) different Bluetooth® profiles for the different features. Here are some tips for setting them up and troubleshooting problem situations.
  1. Make sure you're not connected to Wi-Fi® or computer as you can only use one internet connection at the time.
  2. Setting up the connections – First make sure the customer has set up the Bluetooth® connections correctly. Please, see this FAQ (and videos below) for advise on how to connect to hands free calling/phone notifications and TomTom Traffic as well as some troubleshooting advise. Phone messages have to be set up with the MyDrive app. For TomTom Traffic Bluetooth® tethering is required. Hands free calling and phone voice control (Google Now™/Siri/Cortana) don’t require the app. See http://download.tomtom.com/open/manuals/gox20x/html/en-gb/index.htm#TalkingtoSiriorGoogleNow™-Prato_1.htm for how to set these up.
  3. Sleep mode – First troubleshooting step when there’s a problem with a Bluetooth® connection after setting it up correctly is to set the device to sleep mode and wake it up. This restarts the Bluetooth® module of the device.
  4. Toggle Bluetooth® profiles – Sometimes a problem connecting a specific Bluetooth® profile results in others failing too. Toggling them from the Bluetooth® menu can help resolve this or give more information as to where the problem lies.
  5. Reset – Resetting the device by pressing and holding down the power button until you hear a drumming sound (ca 15 sec) resolves any minor software glitches that might cause the problem.
  6. Unpair – re-pair Blueooth®; Removing the Bluetooth® pairings from both the device and phone and re-pairing often helps to solve unsuccessful connections. On your GO Wi-Fi® you can forget the phone by selecting Settings (cog wheel) - Bluetooth® - [your phone] - Delete.
  7. Factory reset – Failing all the above factory resetting the device is the last measure to try. To factory reset your device chosing Settings (cog wheel) - System - Reset - Reset. Please note, that this will delete your personal information, e.g. My Places and destination prediction data. You can save and restore My Places with MyDrive. After this removing pairings from the phone and re-pairing is also recommendable.

The following videos help you set up the Bluetooth connections using the MyDrive app:

Get data, hands-free calls and smartphone messages using your iPhone and MyDrive app

Get data, hands-free calls and smartphone messages using your Android phone and MyDrive App

For connecting without the apps, please see these videos:

Get data and hands-free calls using your iPhone
Instructions for without MyDrive app from 0:40

Get data and hands-free calls using your Android phone
Instructions for without MyDrive app from 0:40

Also please note, that you can use each of the Bluetooth® features independently of each other and e.g. connect to TomTom Traffic using your phone's internet connect and connect your phone to your car radio for hands free calls, if you prefer.


  • fagsyfagsy Posts: 1 [Novice Seeker]
    my GO5001 doesn't have the Bluetooth icon on the screen and my iPhone won't Pair with it.
    meaning i don't think it has Bluetooth.
  • bigbig Posts: 1,472 Superuser
    Correct. Of the 4 digit models, only the 5200/6200 have bluetooth.
  • swarmswarm Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]
    Garmin is a dream in comparison.

    The voice command constantly fails, I can often be 5 miles down the road before it’s sorted itself out, by then I will have just resorted to google maps.

    There is no natural way of giving voice commands; simple things like go to city centre require some other convoluted phrase.
    Just to get into voice command you have to say some pathetic phrase like “hello tomtom” as if it’s some acquaintance. It doesn’t like a strong phonetic phrase like “Voice Command” – strange that Garmin can cope with the phrase so well.

    Once into voice control it takes forever before you can even give it a command.
    Then after stating its listening, 1.5 seconds later it beeps to indicate it’s time for you to give instruction – of course by this point you have given it a command or are half way thru it – so that’s a restart .
    If you have not instructed it within 10 seconds - it states "Sorry I don't understand please say that again" then another 1.5 second pause before the speak now beep.
    It allows a further 10 seconds for you to re-find the address - by the way you can't just give it a post code.
    If you have not given it a street address by now it states “Sorry I don't understand please say that again” –then gives you a couple of short commands telling you there are more available
    Then only 10 seconds later it states “Sorry I still don't understand stopping voice control”

    At this point your frustration levels are intolerably high – just because the instrument indicated it was ready 1.5 seconds before it was. WHY?

    You can’t ask it to find fuel stations on the route it only tells you of 3. If you ask it to find a simple place like a Waitrose store it takes you somewhere completely different.

    It’s not all bad – providing you give it a street address - not a store brand – it will get you there probably better than the Garmin. I certainly trust the TomTom better for that as it shows a route summary – I believe Garmin give this option now as well. If there is a toll road on the route you have to be watching the screen as there is only a 2 second warning that does not jump out at you.

    You would think in this day and age that TomTom would have got it sorted but I have had units in the past that are better than this current one and certainly seemed to act faster and not keep getting glitched-up.

    Find fuel – zooming in
    Find petrol station – sorry I don’t understand
    Find diesel – goes to look for alternative route
    Eventually repeating “Find petrol station “ - – gives you a list of 4 but does not show you where they are
    If you try to find out where it is in relation to route it will add the stop to your route – you can’t stop it doing it – it just does it. Then you have to restart the whole find location thing again.

    There are many situations the tomtom does not allow you to go back – only gives you option of accepting or cancelling and restarting the process.
    There is no way this device can be described as user friendly – it might be good for people that are using it on occasion but for anyone trying to use it throughout the day going from one customer to another it is unbelievably convoluted and totally frustrating.
    It is meant to make life on the road easier – it does not - it requires an excessive amount of concentration to do the simplest of tasks, this creates hazard and danger, it does not even give the time for you to work out what special instruction is required for it.

    As for asking it to find the closest fast food joint, supermarket or anything else - WELL that is out of the question.

    I should have realised all this after I had made an enquiry about whether it can be tethered to a Samsung S6 at same time as a Voyager ear piece - for those of you that want to know the answer is YES but only when it feels like - usually not.

    Its like now - had to reset phone - now its impossible to connect the TomTom 620 to the phone. You open up the MyDrive app - all you get is a map with hardly any options. The TomTom 620 is a complete time waster of a product.
    Even better you can't speak to customer services unless you give them an email address - and guess how much marketing crap you get sent then.

    AND yes you would be write if you thought I might be a disgruntled customer. If the above wasn’t enough I still have not seen the Curfer that I was meant to get as an incentive to purchase. All because I have not got hours and hours to waste on their customer services department which is a completely incorrect description of a department. They do everything they can to avoid interaction with customers.

    Oh yes did I mention if you need to type in numbers for an address then you have to place your finger on a letter for an extended period for it to open up and give you the option of pressing a number - apparently on the enormous 620 there is insufficient space for a row of numbers above the letters. How do people manage on the 520 and 5200 as the screens are an inch smaller.

    Seriously for anyone considering the purchase of a 620 they should think again.

    2 ½ hours to get traffic alerts on tomtom this morning, not to mention the 2 hour journey between Cardiff and Dorset the other night while trying to connect Traffic alerts
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