Replacment metal mount bracket needed

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Hi everyone, this is my first post so forgive me if this is already covered.
My issue is my metal mount is broken,the camera is now kind of useless. On the base of the camera mount there are 2 threaded studs pressed in to one half of the metal mount and it is sandwiched together with the 2 screws making what seems a pretty solid mount but the studs have pulled out from vibration and a couple of spills.
If you remove the 2 screws the lens and bat stick the mount can easily be removed. Tried several times to fix but to no avail.
I love the camera works great but i dont plant to buy a whole camera over a mount.
Could someone let me know if this can be ordered?


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    I do agree on this, when easy to switch parts gets worn out like the front lens, mounting parts and other stuff we should really have the possibility to replace them without having to send in the camera to Tomtom. Don't actually know if that is even possible for those kind of needs ...
    Let's see if Tomtom gets back to us regarding this.

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