Newbie with Fitness Tracker-not counting steps, bluetooth issues

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I am not understanding how the tracker works-I have read all the manual. I set up bluetooth and computer account. The first day was fine. It counted steps etc. Since then it only had stats for one other day this week. I have to keep connecting it to my laptop to get the bluetooth to connect for the app (Android) which doesn't seem right.
How do I set it up for each day's tracking? Do I have to have a laptop bluetooth connection first every time I want to use my app? Thanks in advance.


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    Hi coolwhip,

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    MySports mobile app allows you to upload your daily activity data from your TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker to TomTom MySports using your smartphone, you don't need to connect the tracker to the laptop if the activity sync is successful via a mobile app.

    Is there any error while syncing/pairing the tracker with your phone? Also please specify android device & version you're using. There are more instructions here:

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    Thank-you lampard. I guess I just didn't get how this works right off, but it seems to be functioning correctly. It wasn't recording each day, but now it is and I didn't have to connect to laptop this morning to get the app on phone going. So I guess I am good to go. Thanks for your time.
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    I've had a fitness tracker for less than 3 months and had 2 instances where steps were recorded on the bracelet but not captured by the app, not the website after connecting the device to my laptop. those steps just disappeared.
    And I also have days where the connection between the phone and the device just doesn't work while the phone app does say it is connected to the bracelet. In this case I have to connect the device to a power source and redo the bluetooth pairing. Not convenient