Bandit camera Rotation

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I have just tried out the Bandit on my bike, but the kit keeps rotating. Any idea how I can stop this happening? I bought the premium pack so I'm disappointed some sort of add on isn't included


  • Niall
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    Were you using the bike mount as per page 38 of the manual
    Install the bike mount only on a clean and dry surface. Wax, oil, dirt and moisture will reduce grip, causing the mount to move.
    Tighten the bike mount clamps securely by hand. Install the TomTom Bandit on the bike mount then adjust the TomTom Bandit's position to get the correct view
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    Do you mean the mount is slipping? It's a fairly well designed and sturdy bit of kit, so don;t be afraid to do it up fairly tight. I've used mine on my bicycle over some very bumby trails as well as for hours on end at up to 80mpn on my motorcycle, where the vibrations can be quite severe, not to mention the wind age and it's never budged. The clamp mount was one of the most impressively well done parts of the kit for me, so I don;t think it's a common issue if you do have a problem with it.