Audio Dropouts with Runner 2 Music and TomTom headphones

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I am experiencing audio dropouts when I use the TomTom headphones with the TomTom Runner 2 Music GPS watch. The dropouts are frequent, every 20 seconds or so, and I've had the problem from the 1st time I used the headphones. The watch is fully charged, as are the headphones. The watch is worn on my left wrist, so line of sight is not the problem. Is there something I can do to improve the Bluetooth connection? Is the watch faulty? Are the headphones faulty? Are both faulty? Or is this a design flaw, in which case, why is this product even on the shelves? How reliably can I expect a heart rate monitor to perform if I connect it via bluetooth to the watch I wonder?

I like to listen to music.
I like to run.
The TomTom Runner 2 Music watch and TomTom headphones are turning theses otherwise pleasurable experiences into a source of frustration. Is it too much to expect high end products to meet reasonable expectations? Very disappointing.


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    ITs frustrating, I live that too. Only thing I did to improve the experience was to untie the headphones a bit. apparently when you tie them tight around your head it get worst. So loose it a little, they will dance around a bit when running. LEt us know if it improved.
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    Yes if you loosen the strap it works a bit better, but ultimately I got some philips headphones which were much better. No drop outs at all and ear buds don't go down your ear canal so I found them much more comfortable.
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    Is that the Philips SHQ7800 sports headphones?
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    Yep. They are great headphones and argos were doing them for £30. I don't really get on with the in ear ones like tt.
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    I have that problem too. Watch on my left wrist and facing the "dropped" in my music. Since I am using Plantronic earphone, instead of placing (the earphone charging port) it to my right ear, I switch it to left ear. Since then it works absolutely great.
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    I have Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones ( , which work perfectly with my phone. However, when I try listening to my TomTom Runner 2 watch using the same headphones, the music keeps cutting in and out, which is extremely frustrating.

    I've noticed when I speed up, my music seems to speed up as well, making the cutting in and out more frequent, when I slow down, the music seems to slow down to the normal speed and the cutting in and out is much less frequent.
    Is it possible that the watch adjusts the pace of the music based on my running pace? If so, I'd like to disable it, but I can't find it anywhere.

    I've read here and elsewhere that the issue could be the distance of the watch and the headphones, so I should try wearing my watch on my right wrist instead, I guess. Could be that when I run faster, my arms have a longer swing, making it cutting in and out more frequently...
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    I think when you run faster, your wrist reaching across is definitely a factor. I know when I'm climbing hills (and pushing down on my knees with my hands) the audio cuts more frequently . It could also be that the signal is interrupted by the wind as well, (if that is even physically possible), as the wind speed around you picks up as you run faster.

    I tried changing to wearing the watch on the right wrist, but it didn't work, I suppose because when my arm swings back then the line of site is completely interrupted

    I found in the end that if I move the clip as close as possible to the BT receiver so that the receiver is behind and slightly below the my ear(see attached) I ran with almost no cuts. The problem there though is to get it to hang like that, your need to increase the slack (by reducing the size of the loop) and then the wire tends to to slip over the top of the other (right) ear and the earphone can eventually fall out of the right ear if you dont keep adjusting the wire. But If you wear a buff, hat/peak, or headlamp it keeps the wire in place nicely.

    One could even consider fastening the clip on the "ear-side" of the receiver, it should hang in a vertical orientation, near (and behind) your earlobe (almostfeels like an earring dangling off) (see attached). Then the slack isnt an issue and one gets an even better line of site to the transmitter and even fewer interruptions, but the bouncing on the side of one's neck can become annoying.

    I realise this doesnt help you much, I'm just mentioning it as I'm marking this as the solution to the problem I was having.
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    You definitely want the control pod to hang loose. If it is tight to the head it gets poorer reception, which is why I think this works better for you.