Direct access to Route Bar information from Guidance View in GO Mobile

goon-heaven Registered Users Posts: 34
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I find TomToms route bar very helpful, but it can become rather cluttered, so most of the time I prefer just to see traffic info.

I dont need to see Petrol Stations en route until fuel tank is getting low...
and I dont need to see Rest Areas until nature calls...
..but then I would like to turn on the relevant information DIRECTLY from the guidance view.


  • MikkoK
    MikkoK Retired TomTom Employee Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi goon-heaven,

    Thanks for your feedback! I'll log this to be reported to the product team.

    Meanwhile, you can quickly find petrol stations close to you through the button in the menu. You can also re-order the main menu buttons [user manual] to get quicker access to the ones you most frequently use.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • goon-heaven
    goon-heaven Registered Users Posts: 34
    Apprentice Traveler
    Thank you MikkoK for logging my request.
    I was aware of the main menu Petrol Stations option - but that is not as easy or convenient.
  • Realavdstege
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    Hello i also prefer to add custom pois to the routebar
    for example Mcdonalds then i can press that one and say navigate.