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De-colorization of the Bandit's body

Joost.BJoost.B Posts: 17 [Renowned Trailblazer]
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So I have been using the TT Bandit for almost a year and it has been in the snow, water, pretty much everything it is supposed to. No complaints about that. Yet I am seeing a strong decolorization of the body of the Bandit, especially the controle-part on top. I tried cleaning it off but it's the actual plastic that is turning slightly yellow-ish. It feels a bit brittle or something.

FYI: I store the bandit in the bags that came with my bundle.

I added some pictures on a white surface to show the decolorization.

What is causing this and is it irreversable?


  • the-civviethe-civvie Posts: 545 [Master Traveler]
    Mine is the same and it lives on my helmet, sometimes on a tripod. I keep it on my desk beside me or in a decent bag.
  • sercolanisercolani Posts: 37 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Mine is also getting dirty as well. I cleaned it a while back and made it look pretty new again. I used a mild general cleaner and a cloth.
  • Joost.BJoost.B Posts: 17 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    I will try and clean it a little with a cloth. I'm still a bit disappointed about the current state it is in though.
  • the-civviethe-civvie Posts: 545 [Master Traveler]
    It is odd as the plastic on the battery and the lens cover has not de-colorazised
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