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Mazda NB1 latest update 10.855.2319141



  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 36,006 Superusers
    You had to this "procedure" once in the lifetime. Many 32GB cards are not compatible with old systems, such as the NB1.
  • bonagvabonagva Posts: 4 [Master Traveler]
    Upgrading the SD card is not what annoyed me the most, because it wasn't that difficult and, as you mentioned, I'll certainly never do it again.

    The point of the pretty frequent loss of the favorites when upgrading the maps or the system is much more problematic.
    The procedure as indicated by Dein is great but barely usable by the average user.
    And it's pretty questionable to see solutions coming from end users instead of TT support (maybe I missed it, but I haven't seen anything from them).
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 36,006 Superusers
    With the other part about that favourite fiasco, I agree of course ;) As it is a product by Mazda (HW made by whoever and the SW by TT), best to direct the issue towards Mazda and they can place some request towards TT.
  • bonagvabonagva Posts: 4 [Master Traveler]
    I believe this was done by others as my understanding is that nav systems in recent Mazdas are no more from TomTom ... :-)
  • dannoAdannoA Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hello everyone. I totally concur with your frustration over TomTom bonagva! And you said it perfectly, "I will certainly never buy a car that has a TT Nav system embedded again." "Compared to my 10 years old, cheap entry level, Garmin where I'm still updating the maps for free and where favorites and POIs are just XML files I can edit in minutes, what can I say?" I too have a cheap entry level Garmin 255w and it has never let me down! I too am able to update for free and best of all, my Favorites stay embedded within the software!! TomTom I hope you are listening very closely to your frustrated customers!!
  • apavapav Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I was emailed by TOMTOM support while I was on holiday (1800 miles from home) saying the problem was fixed and I should update the card and test it, having had so much problem with TOMTOM support I waited till I was home before updating the card first HOME updated itself to version I then carried out an update of the card and after replacing the card in the car I found as usual all the favourites had gone again this is still a problem and it appears no one in TOM TOM can fix the issue
  • smudger64smudger64 Posts: 47 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    I'd like to say this hasn't been an issue for me......but who knows, my unit regularly 'forgets' about cameras and the only way to restore them is to do a factory reset, so favourites? Oooh they sound nice, i'd like to try day!
  • dskydsky Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I directly contacted TomTom support about 2 weeks ago. I linked this and some other relevant forum threads. They first told me there is no problem and to get back my favorites I should just backup and restore loopback.exe3 [sic]. I explained it's not only favourites, also POI visibility, units, ... get lost. Then they claimed they never heard about such problem (!). After few more exchanged, the case was forwarded to "2nd line technical department". They did not get back to me yet, however there was a new version of TomTom HOME pushed shortly after that ( There was also a new version of the Europe map available. I risked it, upgraded and surprise!, I only lost my home address setting (and the home/work settings in the traffic module), but everything else was intact (favorites, POI visibility, units, ...).
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