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Mazda NB1 latest update 10.855.2319141

apavapav Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
edited January 2019 in Built in car navigation
I have just updated my NB1 card to the latest update which included I think an update of the operating system of the NB1. and lost all my favourites so I have been reading lots of topics about the subject of losing favourites.
and I am not sure if anyone knows where they are on a NB1 as I have added a couple of favourites and then searched the card for different files names like mapsettings.cfg and couple of other names suggested and they are not on the card. and just as a test I performed another update of the card which only included quick fix and shared map updates I refit the card in the card and yes that small update removed the favourites again.
I have read suggestions that the favourites should be kept in POI but if TOMTOM created a FAVOURITES folder for people to store in the system why does the TOMTOM updates keep deleting the FAVOURITES, it appears to me some one has converted a really excellent piece of equipment into rubbish by bad programming and showing no concern for the functional spec of the equipment and no concern for customer data. Also the problem is that to add FAVOUTITES to an NB1 you have to sit in the car as you cannot add things on the card while it is connected to a windows PC I do not know if you can using an apple Pc but I am not about to buy one just to find out, Yes I am rabbiting on but I had loads of favourites which I had collected over the two years I have owned the Mazda 6 so feel badly let down by TOMTOM. and I think it is easier to manage with old maps rather then have this problem of loosing favourites so I will not be buying anymore map updates for either of my NB1 or my wife's Go720.


  • DerwanDerwan Posts: 43 [Apprentice Traveler]
    And it's not just favourites. It's recent destinations as well. And settings such as units are reset. (Might not be an issue for the UK if you use Miles.) Each time I do an update now, I have to spend a couple of minutes in the car going through all of the settings again.

    Updates are supposed to bring improvements, not break the device!! If it wasn't attached, I'd be ditching it and buying a Garmin!
  • DerwanDerwan Posts: 43 [Apprentice Traveler]
  • skrautskraut Posts: 1 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I also lost favorites and recent destinations. Tried to replace from backup on computer, but before I could get to install the TomTom HOME software over-wrote my backup with the information that was (was not) on my card.

    Veeru, very, very annoying. Lots of my time wasted.
  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi skraut,

    Welcome to the forum!

    TomTom HOME indeed by default makes a backup before updating if the device state has changed. However, you can turn this off in from the Tools - TomTom HOME Preferences or untick the option when updating next time.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • DerwanDerwan Posts: 43 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hey MikkoK - instead of providing useless information like this, how about giving us an update on when the Firmware will be fixed to prevent this from occurring? My new SD card is on the way (nobody stocks 4GB cards anymore and I had to order one) but I seriously doubt it will make a difference.

    This firmware causes settings to be reset and favourites/recents to be lost. Please fix it!
  • milsabordsmilsabords Posts: 22 [Outstanding Explorer]
    ... And, by the way, please fix the Route Planner and Operate My Device functions in TTH for Carminat Live.
  • DeinDein Posts: 27 [Outstanding Explorer]
    It's a bit tricky, but this evening I finally found a solid solution to this nasty bug that TomTom don't seem to be able to fix.
    I now have the full procedure for restoring ie. Favorites.
    So if you're still interested - speak up:-)
  • milsabordsmilsabords Posts: 22 [Outstanding Explorer]
    If it's tricky, most users will not be able to do it, or i they try they risk bricking their GPS.
    It's a legitimate requirement that average users should not have to reconfigure after each update.
  • DeinDein Posts: 27 [Outstanding Explorer]
    It was quite tricky to find the solution, and took quite a few shoot and trials, but that I know how, it quite easy.
    It does take a bit of IT skills, but else it straight ahead.
  • milsabordsmilsabords Posts: 22 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Dein,
    Would you please share your solution ?
    Does it allow to recover recent places, POI alerts, home location, planned routes, or favorites only ?
  • DeinDein Posts: 27 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Milsabords,

    Here you go...
    Follow this process:
    • You’ll need two tools:
    o Get the OSForensics OFSMount ( for your OS (this is to mount the loopback.ex3)
    o Get POI Editor for TomTom (
    • Install the tools
    • Stop the TomTom Home service (if running) in the Status Bar (to make sure you’re in control)
    The following Restore process can be done in various ways, but I’d suggest this way the first times:
    • In C:\Temp:
    o Create a subfolder: TomTom
    • In C:\Temp\TomTom:
    o Create two subfolders:
     SDloopdir
     BKloopdir
    • COPY (don’t ever move) the loopback.ex3 file from the wanted backup, which can be found in: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\TomTom\HOME\Backup\Mazda Navigation System NB1\Backup\InternalMemory\loopdir\ to: C:\Temp\TomTom\BKloopdir
    • Insert the SD into your computer (Make sure TomTom HOME is NOT starting!!!)
    • COPY (don’t ever move) the loopback.ex3 file from the SD card drive to: C:\Temp\TomTom\SDloopdir
    • Start OFSMount
    o Mount : C:\Temp\TomTom\BKloopdir\loopback.ex3 as a Drive (say K:) as Read Only
    o Mount : C:\Temp\TomTom\SDloopdir\loopback.ex3 as a Drive (say S:) as Read/Write (as this is where the changes goes)
    • Here you find your interesting information:
    o S:\personal\pois\ Favorites.ov2 (Your Favorites)
    o S:\\mapsettings.tlv (contains recent locations, home location and start of last calculated route)
    o S:\\ MapUserPatch.dat (a bit unsure, but likely home location and last GPS fix)
    o S:\UserPatch.dat (home location and last GPS fix)
    o S:\ttgo.bif (text file with a lot of information)
    o S:\SIMCARD\mobility.sim (SIM card information)
    • Your wanted Favorites are now found in: K:\personal\pois\ Favorites.ov2
    o This can and should be checked by opening above file with POI Editor for TomTom
    o By the way – if you want to add more favorites, now is the time WARNING If you want to do this, you need to Mount the filesystem as Read/Write and not as Read only above!
    • To restore your Favorites to the SD card (where they are missing):
    o First check: S:\personal\pois\ Favorites.ov2 that you have not added new you want to merge with the backup (above). IF so, POI Edit can actually handle copy paste, by first opening one Favorites.ov2 and copy selected Favorites (on eg. the S: drive) and then open the backup version on the K: drive, and paste them in here – NOT BAD!!!
    o Now you ready to restore!
    o Delete the: Favorites.ov2 on Drive S:
    o Copy the (merged) Favorites.ov2 from Drive K: into: S:\personal\pois\ Favorites.ov2
    o Make sure you move out of Drive S:
    o Open OFSMount and Unmount Drive S:
    • Testing (IMPORTANT as if anything goes wrong on the Unix File System = loopback.ex3, then when inserting the SD card into your car, it will overwrite the loopdir with a new loopback.ex3 file, and you have to start over again, and that we can’t have!)
    o Open OFSMount and Re-mount the: C:\Temp\TomTom\SDloopdir\loopback.ex3 as a new Drive letter as read only (Say drive T:)
    o Use POI Editor to open: S:\personal\pois\ Favorites.ov2
    o Does the file content look right, then your GOOD
    o Unmount drive T:
    • Finally COPY the (now updated file system): C:\Temp\TomTom\SDloopdir\loopback.ex3 to the real SD card into the subfolder: loopdir
    • Unmount the SD card correctly from you PC
    • It’s time to go to your car and see the results
    Happy journey and take care out there
  • milsabordsmilsabords Posts: 22 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Thanks Dein,
    My GPS is a Carminat Live, the file list in ext3_loopback is similar.
    This process is well known to recover Favorites, I mount the disk image with Imdisk tool kit. However, it does not allow to recover other data from mapsetting.cfg, such as Home location, recent destinations, POI alerts ...
    Do you know if this might work:
    1.Close TTH service
    2.Connect SD card to PC
    3.Save the loopdir folder to PC
    4.Launch TTH, apply upddates
    5.Close TTH
    6.Restore original loopdir to SD
    7.Connect SD to GPS

    I have some doubts, because the ttgo.bif file holds data on software and map versions, and I do not know if Navcore will crash if they do not match the SD contents.
    Take care ...
  • DeinDein Posts: 27 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Milsabords,
    Two things:
    - I've tried the ImDisk, and found it NOT trust worthy, so please try OSFMount instead
    - DON'T have TTH running at any time during my process, it will distroy it.
    At all times:
    - Copy the loopback file forth and back between the SD card and C:\Temp, when updating it, don't work directly on the SD card (for safty)
    - DON'T mess around with the ttgo.bif file, it's the CORE identity, unless you really know what you're doing.
    - The other files (mapsettings, UserPatch and Favorites) can be copied into the mounted Unix File System

    That's my two cents:-)
  • DerwanDerwan Posts: 43 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Or instead of such a convoluted approach to working around this issue, TomTom could actually release a new version of the Firmware to fix it!
  • DeinDein Posts: 27 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Denwan,
    I can only agree to that, why I'm on their neck about this issue - I currently have an open case on the issue.
    This is just a workaround to it
  • DerwanDerwan Posts: 43 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Dein wrote:
    Hi Denwan,
    I can only agree to that, why I'm on their neck about this issue - I currently have an open case on the issue.
    This is just a workaround to it

    Thanks for your assistance Dein. It's appreciated. :)
  • DeinDein Posts: 27 [Outstanding Explorer]
    NP, my pleasure:-)
  • Jeff59Jeff59 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]

    Have you any news about the next firmware ? (date )
  • apavittapavitt Posts: 33 [Outstanding Explorer]
    My advice to everyone is NOT to buy a Mazda with a built in SATNAV as this problem is causing a lot of time to sit in the car to put items back into the unit, and at now it is very cold to sit in car in the UK to re enter a list of favourites
  • DeinDein Posts: 27 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Why do it In the cold car, when you can site with a nice cup of coffee with PC and do an even better job?
    Makes no sense to me...
    I made a perfect working solution, so why not use that?
  • tweedledumtweedledum Posts: 20 [Outstanding Explorer]
    apavitt wrote:
    My advice to everyone is NOT to buy a Mazda with a built in SATNAV
    btw, Mazda isn't using TomTom anymore
  • DeinDein Posts: 27 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I know:-)
    But I - among others, still have my current Mazda 6:o)
  • DerwanDerwan Posts: 43 [Apprentice Traveler]
    tweedledum wrote:
    apavitt wrote:
    My advice to everyone is NOT to buy a Mazda with a built in SATNAV
    btw, Mazda isn't using TomTom anymore

    After the last update, it sounds like Mazda made a good move! :8
  • DerwanDerwan Posts: 43 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hey Dein, I started looking at your workaround. Can you confirm whether it actually prevents the issue of losing everything when you take the card out? Or is it just a way to restore lost favourites when it happens?

    Right now I don't care about restoring favourites. I just want them to stay put if I DO add them - and I want the settings to stay on Metric - and the recent destinations to remain, etc, etc. Will your workaround actually fix that issue - or are we likely to lose everything again once we remove/update the card?
  • DeinDein Posts: 27 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Ok - now it's a bit more tricky.
    There is a couple of things to keep in mind here:
    1) Don't ever remove the SD card, before the car is stopped or when opening the SD card door, wait for any data to be written before removing the card.
    2) the bug seems to be when upgrading the card in your PC, somehow the loopdir is not closed and saved correctly (exactly this took me quite a while to find my described solution to overcome, but I got it)
    So my solution is made mainly to manually restore favorites etc after an update, but actually you can use my solution to make major changes to the gps, and add more favorites etc from your PC instead of manually in the car.

    I you follow my procedure and use the recommended SW, I'd say you're in pretty safe hands.

    Better safe than sorry- make a copy of your SD card before any changes, then you can always get back.

    All the best

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