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  • Simon_Simon_ Posts: 3 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Hey Vigilo999, if you go to the French Citroen site to get the 4.0.2 download link you can just replace 4.0.2 with 3.0.1 and download that file for the first update.
    But I would not bother right now as doing the 3.0.2 + 4.0.2 update does not seem to properly update the maps as they seem stuck at 2016-04 (as per displayed date and wrong map data... I regularly get directed over a bridge that is no longer open since early 2016 and has since been demolished)...

    So if anyone gets feedback from Citroen or their dealership on what's up with the maps ...

    That does not seem like a proper quarterly update if just the version number changes ;)
  • inimicinimic Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    After a few phone calls I have had my car activated on OVS. I can see the TomTom traffic logo on the nav but the app still says "activation in progress". Do I need to do anything on the car?
  • alfredoFALKalfredoFALK Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi, how did you get it done? I have been to Citroen Perth yesterday and they managed to update the firmware but not the maps. When I told them how to connect to the OVS server they had no idea what and how to do it. I gave them the Peugeot document with instructions how to register a car on the OVS server (see my previous post in this thread)but the could not do it. I have written to Citroen UK but have had mixed replies and no help for their own dealer. I would appreciate your info at which dealer you got it done, please.
    Thanks for posting!
  • inimicinimic Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    One of the staff did it for me whilst I was on the phone them. It took approx 10 mins. He accessed the OVS portal and the services were enabled same day.

    The dealer is Wilsons in Epsom -
  • alfredoFALKalfredoFALK Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Thank you for that. I have just organised Citroen Customer Care to talk to Perth agency and help them to connect to the OVS server: it took a long time to convince him to do it! I keep my fingers crossed.
    Thanks again for posting your info!:$
  • DelticDeltic Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi all
    does anybody know how to disable the legal notice screen that pops up every time you plan a route ?
  • marko-mbmarko-mb Posts: 9 [Legendary Explorer]
    I tried to update with files from french site. It did not work, it says hardvare not compatible with software (or something simmilar). my system version (under "system info") is: and french site is offering me file: V.

    I could update maps! it updated to PSA_map-eur_3.0.1-NAC_EUR_WAVE2 (that was update file on french site, there was no 4.0.1 version!). mapping version was 966.7352-prod ( and my maps were CI-TT-PSA.P3CNS.U-MAP.EUR.TTC-2.0.0.
    still maps date is 2016/04

    For updating you need USB drive formatted to FAT32. you unzip downloaded file to USB key and plug in usb key (car must be running because update takes half an hour to complete)

    I also want to disable legal notice screen that pops up every time.

    I emailed to our dealer about activating services. And I got reply that in our country those services are not supported (Slovenia - EU) and that we do not have provider for those services (But it is TOM TOM online and tomtom provider!!) It does not matter where I am or am I wrong?
    I want to use tomtom services when I drive thru europe and I should get updates etc.
    Is there any other way to get activated, because I believe I will not be able to convince our dealers to activate my VIN in OVS database. (someone has good connections with a dealer that can do this for us? - sure I`ll buy you some beer!)
    in car options there is USB1 and USB2. I only have 1 usb port next to AUX and 12V power. should I have second usb somewhere? It would be logical, since if I have 1 usb for mirrorlink, where can I plug in my mp3 usb stick? :)
    And last thing for now, I tried Mirrorlink! with new huawei p10 phone. NOT WORKING ( I believe p10 does not even have support for that). Than I tried with my old LG G3, and mirrorlink app force closed every time :) So no luck with that. Than I tried myCitroen app (downloaded the apk online, since it is not available in google store in our country) This thing works over bluetooth, but nothing special, just trip logs with consumption and mileage data.
  • marko-mbmarko-mb Posts: 9 [Legendary Explorer]
    just updated firmware.. since it is from french site I did not download both update files. One should be downloaded extra (license) and it should be put into "license" folder.
    AndroidAuto is added in new FW
  • marko-mbmarko-mb Posts: 9 [Legendary Explorer]
    new version also limits minimum navigation volume to 7. So there is no way to get guidance at lover volume. (Verry annoying!!)
    where can I get older version and is it possible to flash older version anyhow? I cannot listen to navigation that loud.
  • Mick123456Mick123456 Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I can lower volume on mine by wating untill she tells me an instruction and lower volume while she is still talking pity that doesnt work with kids :)
  • Mick123456Mick123456 Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Anybody know how to enter gps coordinates into a 2016 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso connected sat nav? Many thanks

  • marko-mbmarko-mb Posts: 9 [Legendary Explorer]
    yes lowering works when she is telling instructions. But only to minimum level 7 (after firmware update! before that I could lower to 1 or 0).
    It would be great if a computer enthusiast/programmer buys a citroen with this SAT NAV and makes custom firmware :)
  • alfredoFALKalfredoFALK Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi, good news for my C4GP: the technician at Perth Citroen has managed to register my car on the OVS server and I am now fully firmware updated as well. I then downloaded the maps from French website, versions 3 and 4, put them both on an USB hard drive and connected to the system with car engine running. It recognised the updates and installed both updates one after the other and I finally have the system up and running. The firmware update was done by the dealer and it shows AndroidAuto on the app screen. I have tried it with my phone and it all works as described.
    Also the TomTom traffic service is working well on the satnav system.
    If anybody needs help with this I can give you the files and instructions from my Dropbox!
    I am very happy about this!!:cool::$
  • alfredoFALKalfredoFALK Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi, if your car is not registered on the OVS server the update files seem not to appear after you have updated to ver.3. Ver.4 will not appear on the French website for your VIN!
    The map updates are very large and I could not transfer via Dropbox: files are 8GB and Dropbox only allows 4.5GB max for free.
    SORRY, I have to withdraw my offer to transfer via Dropbox!
  • Jasmin-ZagrebJasmin-Zagreb Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
    AlfredoFALK, can you send to me file using this link
    I have new C4P with navigation in attach.
    Thank you a lot!
  • Jasmin-ZagrebJasmin-Zagreb Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Dear Friend:
    I hope to make you more beautiful today;
  • alfredoFALKalfredoFALK Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    so, you do not need the file anymore. I have not got your email address so I cannot email the file anyway. Pls only send PM for this.
  • alfredoFALKalfredoFALK Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
  • marko-mbmarko-mb Posts: 9 [Legendary Explorer]
    some extra questions regarding connectNAV

    I have some waypoints stored from garmin and from renault R-link (i believe it is tomtom) which I used in my car as go to destinations. Is it possible to import custom places/waypoints into connectnav?

    Also does anyone know where to send suggestions for firmware? I really liked renault simplicty (press and hold 1 button and it navigates home, while in citroen I have to pres a lot of buttons to drive me home; also legal notice screen is annoying, each stop you make on your route you have to press "OK" button to see navigation).

    And.. did anyone manage to connect mirrorlink and/or android auto ? (no luck at my side with LG G3 and Huawei P10).

    Just updated maps from v3 to v5 ( did not offer me v4 and yesterday v5 was offered)
  • alfredoFALKalfredoFALK Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Androidauto works after firmware update,mirrorlink only for compatible phones
    .google it... No way to contact TomTom for software changes.remember we are using a vehicle,not a computer so hacking is not possible, it may damage the car control system!!
  • Jasmin-ZagrebJasmin-Zagreb Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Please help. They are not very navigational charts, but smart people are here. When I hit the toll-charging machine, the camera does not see it !!! Is there a particular place that is not covered by UV protection of the front glass? It's about the C4 Picasso model 2017.
  • Mick123456Mick123456 Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Jasmin if you are refering to motorway toll gates in France then the tag you have has to be in mottled area behind the rear view mirror
  • Jasmin-ZagrebJasmin-Zagreb Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
    THX !!!
  • marko-mbmarko-mb Posts: 9 [Legendary Explorer]
    I have updated map v5 since it came out, mycitroen site is still offering me to update to version 5.
    MyCitroen app on phone is connected to car, but it does not sync with "Journeys" previously my phone got notification about new journey each time I parked my car, now it doesnt. How to tell mycitroen site that I have already upgraded?
    also what is latest map version? is it still v5?

    another info:
    mycitroen offered new firmware. option to download is: Nouvelle mise à jour disponible : V.
  • Griffiths212Griffiths212 Posts: 16 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I have a new grand c4 with connect nav I have paid for the danger zones service but I can't find an option to turn on to see the speed restrictions or to see traffic lights I need a firmware update and where can I find the firmware please ?
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