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  • FlyingMonkeyUKFlyingMonkeyUK Posts: 20 [Apprentice Traveler]
    So your dealership managed to activate your Connect Nav online to get traffic, etc working? That would be a start for me, our dealership doesn't appear to have a clue.

    Is your main issue getting your maps updated and danger areas installed? I've no idea how the online danger areas are the wrong ones, as it's the ones it presents me with when I put my VIN in.

  • capersstroudcapersstroud Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Connect Nav will firstly need some connection to the internet. I have put a small 4G/Wifi box in the car for that, but you can use your phone as a Wifi hotspot or connect via Bluetooth.

    But the main thing is that the dealer MUST activate the Satnav via their back-end system. It should be done by them at the point of sale, but it's a 'new' system that's only been around for 5 months, so most dealers just don't know that they need to do it, let alone how to do it. It's not their fault - they just haven't been given instructions on how to do it by HQ.

    You're connecting to That isn't the correct site for your car - only older models who don't use TomTom. It is misleading - I did suggest to Citroën HQ to use a look-up table when the customer enters their car details on MyCitroen to see what type of SatNav the car has, then direct them to the correct site. But - hey - that was before Christmas, so you really don't expect them to have sorted it out within just a month and a half.
  • FlyingMonkeyUKFlyingMonkeyUK Posts: 20 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi, yes I'm using my phone as a hot spot.

    You'd think they would have sorted this pre launch, never mind 5 months down the line.
  • BVLBVL Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]


    We are from Belgium and are now using a C4 Grand Picasso business lounge since 3 weeks.

    Also by us the traffic speed signs doesn't appear.
    What we found : software from Here ( is Navtecq) and the maps are from tomtom traffic version.
    Even when we use the extra speedcam software : there is only a warning by Speedcams ( the fixed ones).
    We have not yet any experience whit the mobile ones (they are very popular in Belgium)

    Yesterday we have done several phones :
    Here : sorry we supply maps and not the software
    Tom Tom : same answer
    Citroen BELUX: sorry we can not help you because this car is not equipped with a frontcamera.
    Dealer : he try to help us , but he is pushed against the wall: no solution.

    With a frontcamera the system will work ( as I m informed ) active and passive:
    active: when the camera see a speed sign the right side( In europe we drive right, in UK opposite )
    he show the sign.
    When he doesn't see any sign he give the sign from the programmed signs in the software from TOM TOM.
    So the information is available.

    For me it is simple : I think they need to activate the camera software. That's all.

    In the online publicity they make publicity for this model and type with speed signs.
    See their website online.


    I'm pushing the importer and send him the online publicity who was misleading me.
    I wait for the answer.
    Please let me know , if you have any movement on the good way with this issue.

    Many thanks.

    * sorry for the write error ( our language is Dutch and not English)
  • FlyingMonkeyUKFlyingMonkeyUK Posts: 20 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I am no further on with this. My dealership still doesn't know how to activate the car online to switch on the full Connect Nav features. To be fair, it's not just them, other dealerships are also none the wiser.

    Citroen Customer Care are next to useless, telling me that the dealerships are the technical experts, not Citroen. I am stuck in the middle sending forum links and documentation to the dealership.

    If and when it finally gets resolved, I will have to put something in writing to Citroen, PSA and Evans Halshaw. Hopefully, I might get a free service or something out of it, but the whole saga is quickly evaporating my will to live.
  • Maciej07Maciej07 Posts: 10 [Outstanding Explorer]

    Look on message from French forum, link for maps and NAC software update, Citroen and Peugeot use this same software:


    nouvelle version du NAC version_21-05-65-32_NAC-R0_NAC​_EUR_WAVE2​0-web/rest/UpdateDownload?upda​tePath=/users90/mjb00/NAC_EU/C​ONTINENTAL/ovip-int-firmware-v​ersion/PSA_ovip-int-firmware-v​ersion_21-05-65-32_NAC-R0_NAC_​EUR_WAVE2.tar

    Je n'ai pas testé pour ma part... et ne sais pas les nouveautés...

    Et j'ai trouvé ceci aussi pour cartographie mais pas encore testé. Le lien est là en tout cas mais presque 8Go ;-)​/PSA/P3CNS/PSA_map-eur_3.0.1-N​AC_EUR_WAVE2.tar

    Bien à vous
  • ChtechieChtechie Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Where are you FlyingMonkey, Citroen dealer in Milton Keynes sorted mine for me
  • Hossamdin77Hossamdin77 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I wanted to share my experience.
    I bought a new Grand C4 Picasso 2 weeks ago, initially I was not aware about the TomTom traffic till I read the manual included.
    So, I was trying to connect to it with no joy till I read these experiences which was extremely helpful.
    So, I contacted my local dealership "Lookers Newport" and as expected the sales agent I spoke to had no idea what I am talking about "OVS portal activation" and he said he will ask and get back to me.
    Few days with no reply, I wrote to Citroen UK Facebook page and they replied that it is the dealership responsibility to activate the system at the point of sale and that Citroen UK has sent clear instructions to their dealership network of the procedure and they recommended to speak to Citroen Sales Manager or the dealership principal.
    So, I did pay them a visit last Sunday and I met the Sales manager who again has no idea, but he went back to his computer for 5 minutes then he came back to me with over 20 pages of a manual how to it "OVS portal activation", it did show clear instructions how to do it, first via their internal network then to activate it in the car.
    So, I signed the terms and conditions and they promised they will do their part then they will ring me so I can start activate the system in the car, which I did on Monday.
    So, now Tomtom Traffic is live in my care via my iPhone hotspot.

    The things I don't know yet
    Why there is no Speed signs on the Sat Nav?
    How can I get the dangers alert pack?

    I hope someone can answer these 2 questions.


  • capersstroudcapersstroud Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    The dealer can either sign you up for the 'free' Connected Services (Traffic delays, car parks, garages, etc) or the paid-for Connected Services with Danger Zones. It's an option on the same place they went to to activate the previous one. It takes a day or so to activate once they've done the contract and activated you online.
  • Hossamdin77Hossamdin77 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks for the reply.
    How about the speed limit sign?
  • capersstroudcapersstroud Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I think that appears if you have a front facing camera as part of one of the higher spec option packs - I think it recognises the speed limit signs at the side of the road (I'm not entirely sure on that one, though).
  • FlyingMonkeyUKFlyingMonkeyUK Posts: 20 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Chtechie wrote:
    Where are you FlyingMonkey, Citroen dealer in Milton Keynes sorted mine for me

    Sorry, I don't seem to be getting forum update emails anymore.
    I am in Sheffield, thanks for the heads up.
    Is there just the one Citroen dealership in MK?
  • FlyingMonkeyUKFlyingMonkeyUK Posts: 20 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks for the reply.
    How about the speed limit sign?

    Do you mean speed limit signs in Tom Tom or on the upper, non-touchscreen, instrument panel? For TomTom, I am not sure, but that would probably be included with speed cameras. For the Citroen speed limit recognition system, that is included in the options packs in the attached picture.

    We bought the dealership demonstrator, as it hadn't been registered. This meant it had been specced up, so we got a few extras. We've therefore ended up with a weird hybrid of extras (park assist, parking camera, tray tables and one of the driver assistance packages). It's these driver assistance packages that you need to have in order to get the speed limit to pop up on the instrument panel (as attached).
  • ChtechieChtechie Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]

    Hi, the dealer in MK is Perrys who also have a number of branches up country so you may be able to get them to help - Couple of options I think, either go back to your supplying dealer & ask him to speak to Mike in Peugeot (same on Citroens & Peugeots) sales at Perrys MK who I'm sure will talk them through the OVS Portal or if you've got a Perrys (may not be Citroen) local to you pop in & see if they will liaise with Mike. I don't currrently have the Danger Zone (speed camera) option but that is in the same OVS screen as the Live Services but I thought the cost was silly (I have a TomTom standalone satnav & the best price I have paid for the Speed camera database is £10 & the worst you will pay is £20 for 12 months)

    Regards the 'Speed Limit Sign Recognition' you are correct, camera is in the rear view mirror mounting, don't know if it's possible to retro fit - Only available on Feel & Flair models & is a 'Driver Assistance Pack' option don't know when they started offering it but certainly available from 1st July 2016 onwards.
  • FlyingMonkeyUKFlyingMonkeyUK Posts: 20 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi Chtechie

    My Connect Nav still isn't activated, I will have to speak to them all again today and pass on your dealer's details, thanks.

    With regards the Danger Zones, I have asked Citroen to give them to me for free, as I have now been without the full sat nav system for two months. I told the dealer in the first week that it needs activating in the OVS portal. The letter of complaint I will be writing to Evans Halshaw, Citroen UK and PSA will be a thing of beauty.

    Do your Connect Nav maps update OTA, or is that bit still not working?
  • ChtechieChtechie Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Now come on don't be silly, not sure how long it will take them to get their act together

    I contacted Citroen UK originally by phone & they referred me to my local dealer who sorted the Live issue. I then sent Citroen UK a written question about a number of issues, the reply was contact you local dealer as we don't give technical advice (even though a number of issues weren't technical). Emailed my local dealer a week ago as some items he should be able to answer without me going there, no reply as yet, one of those items was when can I expect map updates & for how long.
  • FlyingMonkeyUKFlyingMonkeyUK Posts: 20 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Great. So I have months of pain to look forward to. What an absolute shower.
  • ChtechieChtechie Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Reckon so, will let you know any updates as and when, do let us know how you get on

    Notice you say in a previous post about using phone as Hot spot, I have the Connect Box so I naively thought (to start with) that this would be easy, as the book suggests it does everything. You wait till you get Live working & they give you 6 pages of contract to digest (or was it 5 & a sheet telling you where Live works).............................................
  • Maciej07Maciej07 Posts: 10 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Maps and soft are available by MyCitroen web page. System check version in your car and the system proposes to you update. If problem exist in your country you can register on French MyCitroen page :).
  • ChtechieChtechie Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Appreciate the info, I've seen the suggestion before about registering on the French site, it may well be a shortcut to getting the map updates, my system says Map: 966.7352-Prod 13-04-2016 & no updates. My message to Citroen UK has now been updated & a 'Customer Services Manager' is meant to be looking in to it, I've also emailed my local dealer with the technical questions. What concerns me more is how many of these vehicles have been sold with this issue & what other issues nobody has highlighted as yet

    Does your 'Active Safety Brake' work ? Now I'm brave but at 20mph, with my foot leaning on the brake pedal, closing the gap to the vehicle in front at about 15mph & 2 car lengths away I expect (and the handbook says it will) the system to apply the brakes, as it doesn't I bottle out & apply the brakes & manage to stop about 1 metre behind the vehicle in front. Now of course I say to myself I might not really understand what the handbook is saying so I repeat not once or twice but at different speeds, distances & how much I push on the pedal, to my knowledge the system has not assisted the braking for me & the closest I've got with the seat belt digging in before stopping is 50cm & I don't believe the system has done anything & I'm unwilling to bend the front of my new car or the back of someone else's to prove that it isn't working (and as I only have 1 car I'd rather not be arguing with Citroen & my insurance who's to blame).

    In my case Citroen UK & the UK dealers need to get up to speed in a hurry & start giving us what we've paid for, I've requested a build specification for a start, I know what I ordered & paid for so I want to know what they believe I've got, then I can ask for them to provide me with a functional printout which I expect to tell me what the vehicle has & whether the system believes it to be working. Then the fun could start when I ask for a demonstration of 'Active Safety Brake'

    Chin up, don't presume anything in the handbook is correct, don't believe what is fitted to your vehicle unless you can prove it & certainly don't assume the electronics will function as you believe.
  • FlyingMonkeyUKFlyingMonkeyUK Posts: 20 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I don't want to talk too much about Citroen, as we risk going off-topic and I am not sure how strict the mods are here.

    With regards, registering on the French website to get map updates, it's good info to have, but would be absolutely ridiculous if that is the only way to get OTA updates. I am baffled as to why Citroen UK didn't have all this ready to go for the November 2016 launch. Citroen obviously have the system working, as most of mainland Europe are using it; whereas, in the UK, the dealers are clueless and the website sends us round in circles. My dealer says that Citroen have only just sent him the OVS activation info through, but Citroen say they have told them repeatedly how to do it and that dealerships are a customer's technical port of call. My dealer says he has sold loads of vehicles with Connect Nav and he will now have to spend ages going through and activating them all on the OVS Portal (his DS included). Customers are currently stuck in the middle and I think the only thing that is saving Citroen from a backlash is that their average punter probably isn't as geeky as those of us on here and they don't even realise the difference between Connect Nav and the standard, non-activated sat nav.

    The brochure I have mentions Active Safety Brake (ASB) but does not say which option pack it comes with (all the other safety features are mentioned in option packs). The promotional material says that ASB uses the windscreen camera, so there is no reason it shouldn't come with the first Driver Assist Package (the non-radar one), that all the other Active Assist features come with. I only have a downloaded handbook available to me currently and that doesn't mention ASB at all. Until you mentioned it above, I had forgotten all about it.

    This whole episode really does reflect badly on Citroen, PSA and their dealers.
  • ChtechieChtechie Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Agreed can't use this as an all encompassing discussion forum.

    Your wish is my command, this is the handbook name 'AC-C4_II_Picasso_02_2016_EN Handbook', it includes TomTom & ASB but loads appears to be out of date, I'm sure you'll find it if you search if not I could put on my dropbox for you but it's 13MB so will take a while to upload. Don't be confused by the numbering - Front is the car handbook, Further back there's another index for the Telematics
  • MasimoMasimo Posts: 8 [Legendary Explorer]
    Glad to have found this topic.
    I'll use the information here to instruct my dealer on how to get my system going.
    Since a couple of weeks I own a New C3 , and I am also struggling to get the Connect Nav services going.
    Until now my dealer is clueless, and Citroën Netherlands has not responded yet to my e-mail inquiry.

    Bit of a deja-vue as I went though similar process with a Kia-dealer regarding transmission software updates.
    Quite strange that customers have to instruct the "experts".
  • ChtechieChtechie Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Masimo, I'm just short of telling Citroen UK their a load of idiots & Flyingmonkey I think is a little closer then me. When I saw my local dealer log on to the OVS Portal it took him less than 5 minutes to do what he needed including asking me if I wanted to pay £69 for a years speed camera updates (btw it's not like a standalone TomTom where you get the first year camera locations free) you have no speed camera locations unless you subscribe. I have no map updates as yet but as others on this thread have mentioned there is an update if you register on the Citroen FR site, but as it's a system update as well as a map update there is a degree of risk in that it's not from your own National site.
  • FlyingMonkeyUKFlyingMonkeyUK Posts: 20 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Masimo, I hope your dealer grasps the OVS Portal more quickly than mine. Yesterday, they called me again and said I needed to take the car in for them to "have a look at it". I explained again that they needed to activate it via the OVS Portal. They then rang me back and said they couldn't even get into the OVS Portal so had logged a call with Citroen.
    To say I am at the end of my tether is an understatement.
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