How to transfer route from the MyDrive website to VIA 52?

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Via 62. I can plan a route using the web interface but can find no way of transferring it to the device. I can transfer the final destination but then the device chooses its own route and not the one I want to use. How is this supposed to work? Doesn't strike me as being 'the smartest route planner'.

Any ideas?



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    Tomtom video Using MyDrive (Route Planner)
    [video] [/video]

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    Thanks for bothering to respond. The video doesn't help: All it tells me is to put in the destination and the TomTom will work out the route. That's not what I want; I want to select my own route across about 600 miles of Europe and store it on the device. Having checked some related posts, the answer seems to be to buy the MyRoute-app. That does exactly what I want, allows me to reverse the route, include variations and output a .gpx to store the route on the Tomtom. (The direct update doesn't seem to work at present.)

    Why something advertised as "the smartest route planner" doesn't let you do those things is beyond me. The only Tomtom alternative would seem to be to input several 'My Places' and keep selecting the next one on the route just before you arrive at the last one selected, but that's hardly a route plan - and you'd have to do something like name places as [Route name] [Place 1]; [Route name] [Place 2] etc, etc to be able to use it with any rapidity.

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    if you make a route on "the smartest route planner" you should see green buton "add to my routes" which will save the route as a track to your device. You will later not change anything in this route but it should look exactly the same.
    You can export also gpx file.
    I agree with you, using this route planner is painful.
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    I proceed as follows (Not that I have Macintosh, not Windows)
    1) create the route on MyDrive
    2) downloade (i.e. not save) the route to my Mac
    3) start Tomtom, and goto My Routes
    4) use Bluetooth file transfer to send the downloaded route to the Rider
    5) route appears in My Routes

    I can provided detailed instruction, but only for the Mac. There is also a way to import the downloaded route. But you need an additional program (Android file transfer or the like) on the Mac side

    good luck