Bandit slow wifi connection?

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Hi everybody,

Since a two days proud owner of my own Bandit :) So today I started testing it, shooting a time-laps, record 1080p (60fps). When previewing the time-laps or video, it seems rather slow. Also transferring a video of 15 seconds to my phone takes like 5 minutes. It this normal? Transferring a time-lapse of 1 minute (picture taken every second) takes forever and at 10% the app crashed.

I have read that resetting the Bandit should fix some slow wifi connections issues. So I tried that, but sadly this did not solve my problem. Maybe somebody can help me out with this. Below my specs:

Phone: LG Nexus 5X
Bandit software: 1.57.500
GPS fix: Yes
SSD Card: Samsung EVO 64GB Class 10 (recommended by Tomtom)

Flying Monday on holiday, really hope I can fix the issue before that, or at least know if it is normal.



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    So, here is an update. I just tested the app and Bandit on the iPhone 5 of a colleague. The result was that it is a lot faster than mine. The viewfinder was almost seamless where mine is freezing up pretty often. It could be that this is caused by the Android app, the wifi module, or other hardware in my phone is just poor.

    I compared the wifi chips in both phones. The Nexus 5X has Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac chip, where the iPhone 5 has almost the same Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n (no ac). Other online benchmarks show me that the Nexus 5X should be 3,5 times faster than the iPhone 5. So the my phone should manage to keep. Right?

    Just tested it on a Galaxy S7, and that one works flawless as well. If others have an idea, please let me know.

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