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Wrong time displayed on my wonderful device GO 510

Dear forum users and TomTom team!

this is my post #1

I have bought new device TT GO 510 to more easy driving on various roads and in various conditions.
I have found one trouble after some experience work with the device.
look at some my screenshots

The time difference

No options to manual presetting time and date

What I should do if :
Moscow (Russia) time


Could anybody please tell me or advice what should I do to resolve this trouble?



  • dhndhn Posts: 33,209 Superusers
    It should pick up the correct time a few seconds after getting a gps lock.

    You could try a complete factory reset. Menu-->System-->Reset. Not sure.

    Unfortunately, the only number I have for Russian support is an international one:

    0031 20 850 1004 (International number, support provided in English)
  • FandangoFandango Posts: 215 [Supreme Navigator]

    in your picture, I could not see if the device had a GPS lock and as dhn told you, the correct time is displayed after that occurs.

    Was the picture taken right after you unpacked it? Did it display the correct time once you mounted in the car?
  • MZPhoenixMZPhoenix Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    Dear Fandango and Dhn,

    TT has been bought in Lithuania and brought home in Moscow (Russia).
    I opened the box from plastic wrap only at home.
    I have turned on to test and switched off after 15 minutes.
    Next day I upgraded the TT via MyDrive Connect successfully.
    I saw the incorrect time and suggested that it will be synced in my car in the street or it can be adjusted manually as usually.

    There is no option to manually adjustment . ((

    What should I do ?

    what do you mean of GPS lock ?
    Do you mean initial sync and lock by first switching on ?
    so I have made it in Moscow.
  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,568 Superuser

    About setting up your device see page 10 of the English version of the reference guide http://download.tomtom.com/open/manuals/new_GO/refman/TomTom-GO-EU-RG-en-gb.pdf

    or pages 10/11 of the Russian version http://download.tomtom.com/open/manuals/new_GO/refman/TomTom-GO-EU-RG-ru-ru.pdf
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  • FandangoFandango Posts: 215 [Supreme Navigator]
    MZPhoenix wrote:
    what do you mean of GPS lock ?

    It's when you take your device outside (i.e. in your car) and it gets the signal from the satellite showing your actual position. In other words, the correct time is taken from the satellite (or something like that)... :$
  • MZPhoenixMZPhoenix Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    Many thanks for all advises!

    My yesterday experiments:

    under meaning item of pages 10, 11 (as Niall specified)
    I have made following
    a) I pushed and held 10 sec the device switch button to reset.
    There is no effect after restarting.

    b) I made system reset to manufacture settings via system menu.
    I have chosen the country - Russia and Language - Russian.
    Result - no effect

    с) I have reflected about situation and remember
    that I bought the TT in Lithuania and that I bought it from one man (not in a shop).
    I had made "b)" reset and chose the country - Lithuania and language - English (UK).
    There is no effect. Displayed Time is +1 hour.

    d ) I did the same as in point с) but with the country - England and language - English (UK).
    There is no effect. again. Displayed Time is +1 hour.

    I think that TomTom or GPS signal don`t know that
    Time zone
    Moscow (Russia) Standard Time (MSK), UTC +3
    No daylight saving time, same UTC offset all year

    Are there any other new thoughts of that trouble (incorrect time offset setting) ?
  • FandangoFandango Posts: 215 [Supreme Navigator]
    MZPhoenix wrote:
    I think that TomTom or GPS signal don`t know that Time zone Moscow (Russia) Standard Time (MSK), UTC +3. No daylight saving time, same UTC offset all year

    No russian user has ever reported any time inconsistency. That's very strange... :?
  • NonnyMouseNonnyMouse Posts: 38 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Maybe Russian users are a bit more savvy about the current range of TTs and have chosen another product.

    Just a thought !

  • MZPhoenixMZPhoenix Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    Hi The TomTom Customer Care Team!

    query is 1608xx-xxxxxx
    (GO 510 | (incorrect time zone offset))

    For a long time did not write about it.

    Note please - this trouble is resolved now.
    How I suppused, this problem was connected with software.
    My device had shown correct time zone offset after the ordinary update in early February `2017.
    Without any special manipulations.


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