What are the bristles and speed limit for?

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In the box there are these bristle type things that seem to indicate needing to be stuck on the camera and have a speed limit indication. Yet nobody had the foresight to actually stick this in the manual to say what it is for?


  • CPG
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    It's like a dead cat and goes over the internal microphone holes at the bottom of the white standard lens cover. It helps to eliminate the wind noise. The speed limit is the max speed it's supposed to work to, after which wind noise will be too load.
    I've never tried it so don't know if that is the case.
  • Leslie Stroobant
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    I have the bandit attached to the side of my helmet.
    The little mustache does work quite descent up and even beyond that speed if compared to simply not having it on, but the bike's engine does get lost at higher speeds.
    I've never had the sound clip or get excessively loud when using the deadcat though, as opposed to without.