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GO 6100 Speed Camera data problem - Support failure.

JaTeJaTe Posts: 71 [Legendary Explorer]
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Sorry guys but I am looking for one of the TT Staff who is prepared to follow up on a ticket that was raised (16xxxx-xxxxxx), went back and forth between myself and UK Support and was then closed so that I can no longer add anything to it despite the fact that the UK C.S. agent's last comment on 15.08.16 was a request to bear with the company whilst they investigated the issue further.
This is totally unacceptable and makes the camera data untrustworthy at least.

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  • JaTeJaTe Posts: 71 [Legendary Explorer]
    All noted - didn't see this as an issue at the time. Thanks anyway.
  • JaTeJaTe Posts: 71 [Legendary Explorer]
    Still waiting and seems likely that I will continue to do so. Nothing has happened on this matter and the cameras in question still fail to register. Clearly there is no support or interest otherwise a resolution would have been found by now.
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,140 Moderator
    Hi JaTe

    Sorry about the inconvenience and delayed reply..

    I have sent a heads up to the customer service so someone will get in touch with you.

  • JaTeJaTe Posts: 71 [Legendary Explorer]
    Thank you @VikramK. I just wonder if you have looked at the log trail for this complaint commenced on 23/06/2016 with the last comment from @Purav V (UK), penned on 06/09/2016. Everything that was requested in the way of resets was done and yet the unit still refuses to register a Specs Zone in one direction although it registers for the opposing direction. That to me says that it is a programme fault and if so, then it is not being looked at despite my previous comments, as there have been a number of successful camera updates since then that have always excluded this particular set.
    Thankfully I have the well known PGPSW POI's on my android phone due to TT no longer allowing such files to be added and that in itself is a massive negative attitude for your company to adopt.
  • justcaroljustcarol Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I'm having the same problem. No speed cameras at all. I should have stuck to my old satnav. The go6100 is worse than useless. I am now downloading the map update (again) to see if it makes any difference but I'm not holding my breath for the 3 or 4 hours that it takes.
  • JaTeJaTe Posts: 71 [Legendary Explorer]
    10 months on and the problem still exists of the Specs zone showing on the London bound track, yet nothing on the opposing track apart from a static cam where the zone starts and this is one that I entered in an attempt to jog the system.
    This situation is further complicated in that my SGS4 phone with Go mapping has a static camera at the start point and another at the end point, but it is not recognised as a Specs zone whereas the opposite track is.
    It's a total nonsense that the programming is sending spurious data and is not getting resolved effectively.
  • justcaroljustcarol Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Yep. Is it time to purchase a Garmin SatNav? I think it probably is!
  • JaTeJaTe Posts: 71 [Legendary Explorer]
    I've had TT for so many years because of the mapping/routing and the one time I tried a Garmin it played up and went straight back. It's only since TT removed the 3rd Party facility that things have gone downhill.
    As posted earlier, my phone has the PGPSW cameras on it and as a verifier for them, I know they are accurate, particularly accurate in the UK, so I am better off to run them if I feel the need.
    It's just so frustrating trying to get someone to accept that the data is incorrect.
  • JaTeJaTe Posts: 71 [Legendary Explorer]
    I become more confused as time progresses as the northbound Specs zone at A12 Kelvedon, Essex has now been removed according to my 6100.
    MapShare Reporter has the zone marked however the northbound start camera appears within the same icon as the southbound end camera, so could it be that the northbound start is actually on the wrong track and therefore won't be picked up in any event? On Saturday 12.05 I put an "Other" comment onto the MSR programme in the hope that this will be looked at.
    It cannot be just my 6100 at fault as my Android SGS7 also fails to show the zone, so two updates on two different systems with the same problem - it has to be down to the programming surely?
    Any suggestions would of course be appreciated or anyone else who uses this stretch of road and can confirm/negate the northbound Specs zone.
  • JaTeJaTe Posts: 71 [Legendary Explorer]
    After 3 contacts from UK Support I have finally given up - Yes TT, you have managed to wear me down with ineptness.
    I have provided all the information and data that you would need in order to investigate this issue as it is across 3 platforms, but clearly this is not enough.
    Unless there is a programmer who gets to read these issues, then I really don't see that you will ever put this right.
    What a come-down from what TT used to be in the early years of the 700 series and similar.
  • trucker6000trucker6000 [email protected] Posts: 152 [Master Explorer]
    Yes, tomtom support are useless. I have the go pro 6250 lifetime speed cameras yet A90 Dundee to Aberdeen average cameras both directions but tomtom only says average speed cameras northbound.
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